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Thread: SS Airguns Repairs and Tuning - Cape Town

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    Default SS Airguns Repairs and Tuning - Cape Town

    Hi Guys,

    I've been doing repairs and tuning for about 3yrs and recently heard from members who weren't aware of it, so I've decided to add my services to the list.

    Within the next few weeks I'll be doing repairs and tuning on a full time basis as my 'customer base' has grown to a point where I'm unable to handle my day job and then work on airguns until the early hours of the morning.

    First and fore most, my work isn't limited to AirForce rifles.

    I offer:

    -repairs and tuning to all brands of pcps and springers
    -barrel straightening
    -calibre conversions
    -power upgrades or down tuning
    -silencers- custom or standard
    -stock repairs, de-varnishing and new stock builds
    -complete refurbishment of rifles
    -pump services

    All my work is guaranteed.

    Nick van Tonder +2776 923 9601

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    REP: SS Airguns

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    Default Hydro Dipping Services

    Hi guys,

    Over and above airrifle tuning, etc I now offer hydro dipping aswell.
    Below are pics of a customer's rifle that came in for tuning and a complete hydro dip in snow camo, its going to be a looker once finished. My apologies for the first 2 pics being on their sides.

    Bottom pic is my 'ex' Talon done in Woodland camo on a tan basecoat.

    Cost for a complete rifle starts at R1750 (excl scope, silencer, etc). I do all the stripping and assembly which other hydro dipping companies don't do.
    I did some accessories (silencer, side wheel and hamster) for someone this morning in black carbon with a gloss finish, really stunning. Unfortunately I couldn't take pics as the customer had to rush off to an appointment.

    I do scopes as well but that is entirely at customers risk. I do go the extra mile to block off lenses, etc where possible but if water gets into the tube, I won't be held responsible. That's standard with any hydro company.

    Here are the colours that are available, custom colours and designs are also done.

    Click for full size:

    I do bows, sports equipment +++ as well.
    Please email, whatsapp or phone if you're interested. Please don't send pms.

    For those that can't see my signature:

    Nick van Tonder +2776 923 9601


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