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Thread: FXA Verminator Repair

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    Default FXA Verminator Repair

    I had a call from Hendry at Twinbore this afternoon to tell me that my Verminator is fixed is ready for collection and that there will be no charge.

    I almost feel sorry now for being so outspoken about the perceived poor service.
    The time it has taken (from the first week in Feb) to get this sorted out is certainly not acceptable .....but I do feel grateful that there will be no charge .
    I guess paying for poor service would be a lot worse than not paying for it.

    I do feel I must still stand by my conviction that we need better representation in SA for FX, at the very least a second distributor in the Western Cape.

    All is well that ends well (assuming that when it gets back to me on Monday , everything will be OK).

    and of course the delay in getting the little chap back urged me to buy an AA S400 which is undeniably absolutely a great airgun.


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    he does eventually come through with the goods...i waited 4 months for an HW100 and 3 months for an HW98....5 months for a Theoben Rapid12
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    Hi Trevor, I see you now have a fair collection of PCP's...
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