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    I purchased a new Hill pump from Mark yesterday.

    The neat box competently restrains the few components of the pump. Pictorial assembly instructions (and 3 free targets) are printed on the box.
    Assembly takes a couple of minutes and that very process already inspires confidence as each component fits perfectly.

    After the addition of a Foster fitting nothing could be easier than to connect to the appropriate male foster connected filling adapter.

    Then comes a very pleasant surprise.
    Comparing it to the old mark 2 pump which I have been using for years, this pump is certainly easier and appears to be far more efficient (less strokes to fill).
    I suspect a frail soul could make light work of a rifle fill, very different to the beefy requirement of the old Mk2.

    This really is an alternative to the dive tank particularly for those who are far from easy refilling facilities.

    As usual, it was a pleasure to deal with Mark Fourie.

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