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Thread: Tula!! Silencers Showcase

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    Fitted Tula silencer to the Daystate Pulsar. The silencer together with the already quiet Daystate shroud and quiet electronic action has made this the quietest rifle I have owned.

    In addition I also like the look, thank you Mark, great product and equally great service.

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    TULA silencer and my little review.
    I'm very happy with this product, thanks Mark the TULA fits like a glove.
    Awesome quality and delivered to my door the next morning as you said.

    Here's my little review.
    Using: Air Arms S400F 530bar 740f/s, JSB Exact (Diablo 0.177 8.44gr), TULA (25mm Dia 120mm Long Slip On)

    POI shift test
    POI test at 10 meters. I noticed there was a POI shift of 6mm , BUT WAIT FOR IT. The first 2 shot were taken with the Air Arms Standard air stripper (both in same hole),
    Then I fitted the 120mm TULA and took another x2 shots again (both in same hole).
    I would not worry too much about the shift in impact as I had to adjust the turrets a few clicks back (to zero horizontally) to where they were at from factory.

    Loudness test
    Then did a loudness test using my "very not so accurate cellphone app" hahaha The standard AA Stripper was 76DB and TULA measured at 61DB

    Grouping test
    Lastly I wanted to see my grouping, I know it's only at 10m, but this is what I had to work with. x4 shots landed exactly in the same hole. Great

    I'm taking this baby to the next WPHFT league shoot at the end of the month. I'll keep you updated on how it performs.
    Thanks Again Mark

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    REP: Tula!! Silencers

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    Don't know whether you can see much from the pictures but here is the prototype 30mm dia modular silencer 1/2 UNF.

    Comments welcome
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