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Thread: Tactical Co2 side arm shooting coarse

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    Hey guys. I,m posting a poll to see how many guys out there ( #1 ) has co2 pallet pistols, and ( #2 ) how many would be interrested in shooting with us if we build a village stile coarse with man size targets. Similar to the practice coarse in the movie SWAT. You would need to complete the coarse in a certain time, and you would be scored on hits and misses. At the moment we practice shooting in a very baron piece of land next to the quarry in Samrand. Its perfect for such a coarse. Otherwise Dirk must let me know if his Pretoria range is suitable. There is also a proper open gun range next to Zwartkops raceway, but they are a bit expensive.

    So feel free to comment on the subject, but please PM me if you are interrested, so we can check the numbers.

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    Im game, definately
    pity you dont c02
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