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    This might be of interest to some, even if only for the read.
    After reading up on the Texan, every website advertising it has copied and pasted the specs and that's about as much as you can get-apart from one or 2 really good reviews by Tom Gaylord and Thadeous Moore.

    First impression

    The rifle is big, very loud and very powerful. I was very fortunate to have 3 pass over my work bench. 2 that wouldn't group and 1 just for a setup for a specific bullet weight.
    Its slightly heavier than a Condor SS but extremely well balanced and for some reason more comfortable when shooting free hand.

    The Workings

    Unlike the normal AirForce rifles, the hammer, main spring and 'power wheel' actually called the Bullet weight adjuster fit inside a tube which slides backward inside the frame as the rifle is cocked via the side lever. The valve is huge. Capable of shooting a 200gr bullet at around 1000fps-literally, no sales BS.

    Shooting the Texan

    Blixem!!! This is something you have to experience. Cocking the rifle, you don't expect much. The side lever makes cocking the 22lb main spring effortless. Standard AirForce rifles have an 8lb main spring. The trigger is very good and breaks like glass-even better after being tuned. Now with the effortless cocking and light trigger you're lulled into not expecting what's going to happen.

    I was very interested in seeing what 300-531fpe was all about so most shooting was done using rocks or cinder blocks as targets.

    As the trigger trips, the rifle thumps into your shoulder. Your ears are ringing and whatever the target was, is reduced to rubble. Ear protection is a necessity when shooting this rifle.

    The backstop should be similar to those used for CF rifles.
    At full power, the 450gr slugs literally goes through a single layered brick wall with one shot.


    This was surprising. After spending 2hrs on the first rifle, we were ready to test.This rifle's chosen ammo was 200gr semi wad cutters. After a few shots I dropped the fill pressure to 185bar as the first 2 shot were always fliers. From there 5 good shots were possible.These shots at 50m could be covered completely by a R2 coin.

    I'm battling to load more pics but will try again later as well as load some vids on Youtube and post the links.

    2 Texans belonging to a father and son (both licenced)- not something you're likely to see again in SA.

    Long Range Accuracy

    With the amount of air this rifle uses, I did 3 shots between fills.
    My best group at 200m could be covered with my phone (Blackberry) Will try and load pic.
    At 300m 3 shots went into an area slightly bigger than my rangefinder.

    Here are some of the bullets that we tested. 450gr HP (792fps), 200gr Semi wadcutter (1009fps) and a 140gr roundball ( 1094fps). Then a 5,5mm Jsb Monster for scale. Velocities are the highest we got during tests.

    The difference between the Condor's hi flo valve and the Texan valve

    A Texan with a full sized Condor. Quite a difference.

    This rifle went way beyond what I expected on any test I put it through and every shot was flawless. The reliability that AirForce is known for reflects in their bigbores as well.

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    I finally got a chance to load some vids on Youtube,

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