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    Cometa Indian, black - First Impressions

    Received the Indian only two days ago. Sorry, I have not taken the time to take a picture of my unit yet. Then again, there are many images on the web.

    Grips are right hand, the only available. They feel very good for two handed shooting, and quite good for left handed shooting, but only because I have long and slender fingers. Either way, the gun points perfectly for me. Just for the fun of it, I plan to build left handed wooden grips eventually.

    The sight picture is is very good; solid front sight post, rear sight slot width with generous light on either side, great for aging eyes. I would have preferred a straight top edge, rather than an angled one - Cometa is probably the only gun manufacturer doing this and it is not a big problem. The rear sight can not be adjusted for elevation and the Indian has a reputation for shooting low. This is not the case with my unit, factory settings were right on target at 10 yards, shooting left handed and two handed*. Overall, the sights are definitely better than I expected.

    The single stage trigger has a relatively long pull that is very smooth. Pull weight is around four pounds. Again, the trigger is better than I had expected.

    Initial muzzle velocity, after cleaning the gun of storage grease, five shots each, avg. 550.7 ft/ s with RWS Hobby 7.0 gr.; 431.2 ft/s with RWS Super-H-Hollow Point 6.9 gr.

    The pistol is perfectly balanced on the trigger finger in shooting position. That and the solid weight of the pistol make for a steady hold.

    Loading is very easy. That long cocking lever does a fantastic job compressing the main spring with very little strength needed. It requires half the effort needed to cock a P17 and no danger of pinching your hand!

    Fit and finish is very good, including the bluing. Solid build, smooth action.

    Manual: useless. A few small pieces of paper held together by a single staple, explains cocking and loading procedure in three languages, nothing about maintenance. This is not a problem for experienced airgunners, but what about newbies?

    Great value for the money, in my opinion.

    *A final note: I only got the Indian to shoot low with a two handed hold, muzzle end supported.

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    Subsequent findings:

    Initial maximum force required to cock the pistol: 8.8 lbf, or 40 N. After approximately 350 rounds greased the cocking rack. The cocking cycle is very smooth now and requires a maximum force of 7.7 lbf, or 35 N.

    This is a very quiet pistol. With the door closed, one cannot hear the gun discharge in the next room.

    Shooting the Indian one handed I get occasional flyers, which are my fault. Shooting it two handed there are no flyers. This Indian and my S&W 586 will be the ones I might prefer to shoot two handed (Note: my Steyr LP10, the Beeman P17, the Pardini .22 lr and the Alfa Proj .22 lr I shoot one handed).

    The cocking lever is laterally flexible and will mark the compression tube. I applied electricians tape along both sides of the compression tube to prevent marking. The tape is nearly unnoticeable. The cocking lever is absolutely rigid in the direction of applied force.

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