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Thread: FXA Impact - First impressions | Review

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    Default FXA Impact - First impressions | Review

    Ok Guys, so I got a test kit from S&O, yes the JSB pack. Put my old trusted Falcon T50 on (the other scopes were occupied) and did some quick testing. I don't have a chrony so I was playing with the power settings on the gun, like blindfolding tight rope walking...

    JSB Heavy 18.3 = Awesome , had a few flyers but extremely accurate once the power setting is increased
    JSB Jumbo 15.3 = Good, didn't like the full power setting, will test some more here as I ordered a bucket load of pellets... lol
    JSB Express 13.4 = Lovely at lower power settings, super accurate and fun to shoot
    JSB Monster 25.3 = Pellet box killer, didn't like the lower power settings, the moment I went to full power = devilishly fun devastation and my trusted pellet box is now see through as well... blixem.

    Wish I could get a sponsor so I can test some more pellets...

    First impressions of the FX Impact: small. light and fun. The 480cc bottle is special, I shot about 70 pellets last night and it only dropped from 220bar to 150bar, turned down the regulator last night so I need to retest everything again today... . Should get about 150 -200 shots out of bottle with the Jumbo and preferred power setting. Very versatile gun and a blast to shoot. Added a tripod, also ordered the 0.177 barrel, I want to shoot FT with it... Magazine is a bitch, difficult to get used to and difficult to insert, at least I know my son won't be shooting without my permission - he will not be able to load the thing. In my haste to get it assembled (yes you have to insert the barrel and loading pin), I 'forgot" about the loading pin as it was 'hidden" in the carry case, so I shot it without... oopsie, luckily I was standing on a paved area as a small o-ring suddingly appeared and fell on the ground... I am no gun mechanic but I knew something was wrong, on to the internet - NOTHING. Inserted the loading pin and fired, helluva noise and air blowing out the side... back to the internet - NOTHING again. Then inspector gadget mixed with inspector logic mixed thoughts, almost like a monkey I tried to fit that o-ring into different crevasses that looked big/small enough to fit. Then the lights went on... look IN THE BARREL. yes there is suppose to be a small o-ring 4mm deep into the barrel. After a few anxious minutes to try and get it into position. Voila. quiet gun and the air going in the right direction.

    Saturday my family will be without daddy... I am going to shoot until I run out of pellets. (Which might be sooner than later as I only have the test batches) - Sponsor needed please.

    Will report back once the chrony and pellet combinations are recorded. Can't wait.

    ps: Wify still doesn't know about the gun and I would like the forum members that know me to please shut-up until I can break the news in a nice calm, gun free, romantic environment with flowers.

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    Day 2 review: 2 elements here... the gun itself and then the pellet and gun combo.

    Mixed bag today, maybe I expected too much as usual. Unfortunately I couldn't get a full practice in due to mechanical failure... Yes you read correctly: The gun broke. On a scale of 1/10 my moermeter reached 15. Lets ignore the breakage for now and focus on the working elements. The gun looks bloody marvelous, it is very light and comfortable, I am a tall fellow and would have loved an adjustable but pad that could give me a little more reach, felt a bit cramped behind the gun, the but pad can move slightly up or down but not backwards or forwards. The trigger needs adjusting, almost no first stage and needed a proper squeeze to let the lead fly, I love a trigger which behaves almost on your instinct where you don't have to make a conscious pull effort, will be playing with the adjustable trigger later tonight. The gun is surprisingly quiet for a 5.5mm throwing lead at 900fps. Not ideal for bench rest unless you can fit a flat surface to the piccaniny rail, the gun lies on the air bottle on the rest, so I shot from the tripod. The magazine is not user friendly and takes some effort to insert and to load, I dropped too many pellets on the ground while loading. The cocking lever is smooth but the small pin keeping everything connected is not well assembled, it fell out once and I nearly lost it. Build quality is not the same as with AA,Weihrach, Steyr or Daystate. Typical American gun where size is everything.

    Due to the breakage I soon learned that this gun takes apart in minutes, it is not complex to fix but has a myriad of o-rings that can go wrong and cause leaks. CK posted a link with very helpful tips, unfortunately none of them worked for me, I had a bend pin that is supposed to engage when you cock the rifle, due to the bend pin it didn't engage. The pin is not something readily available in South Africa and is a weak point in the gun, if size matters why does the Americans put such a small part in place where it matters most. I managed to fix the problem by turning the pin a bit, will need light lock tight to keep in place. Gun firing nicely now.

    This stays a helluva fun gun to shoot.

    Thanks to Andrew and Wetton range for accommodating me. Andrew brought 4 batches of pellets I didn't get to shoot, I however emptied almost both test batches (210 pellets per batch) before I ran into troubles. Wetton had it's usual wind...I did most testing on 30m with a light cross wind

    The gun allows a couple of quick settings that is very handy, you can adjust the power externally with options between Min , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ans Max. To give you an idea these settings aren't ridiculously different, with a JSB RS 13.43 I got a spread on the chrony between 920 fps on min and 1020 fps on max.

    I started with the JSB Heavy 18.13 (before the chrony arrived), got a real mixed bag of results on this one.The heavy's hated the lower power settings and only came into decent grouping on power setting 3 to 5 with power setting 4 being the best, on maximum power it was spreading wildly again. I got better accuracy and grouping at 50m than at 30m, as if this guns begs to be shot at longer distances. General rating for these pellets and combinations 6/10.
    Then over to the JSB RS 13.43. This pellet performed best at the Minimum power setting, accuracy brilliant and very few flyers. One of my favorites on the day.(8/10)
    The JSB Monsters 25.39 disappointed big time and the only grouping I could get was at maximum power, by far my least favorite pellet on the day. (4/10)
    The JSB Jumbo 15.89 proved to be the all rounder on the day, flying at between 900fps and 960fps on the power settings, I managed to get good groupings through out the range, they were fantastic at 50m. The lower power settings weren't that good and I switched the gun to power setting 4 where I got the best groupings and consistency. (8/10).

    Will need to do more testing, I have a batch of Jumbo's arriving next week to play around with. Might take Andrew up on his generous offer again as I used all my test pellets today.

    ps: For the shot count junkies - more than 100 shots per refill easily (Could only fill to 200bar, gun allows up to 250 bar). Once I have sorted the perfect combinations I will have a count again.

    All the best
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    Morning Folks

    First things first... BIG THANK YOU to Louis from Airgun Warehouse for his prompt and speedy service. Louis went out of his way to assist me and will be sending replacement parts for the little incident I had. It is not often that I am wowed by great service.

    Saturday while testing the gun a pellet clipped the inside of the shroud destroying it... you can imagine shooting at 920fps with a Jumbo Heavy 18.13gn pellet, anything you clip will be shot to pieces. Still investigating the reason why the pellet clipped the shroud, could have been a bad pellet leaving a small piece of lead behind, or that the shroud wasn't fastened well enough? Will never know. All I do know is the good service I got from Louis. After Monday I was prepared to make the gun a new (very expensive) door stopper, but it looks like I will be shooting soon again. Also await news on the 0.177 barrel. This gun loves the long distances, I got very good grouping at 50m, will have to test it out to 100m soon... wife is gonna hate me, subtly broke the news of the gun to her and then had to please explain why I was in such a foul mood after it broke...

    Ask AndyT how disappointed I was Monday, I was ready for some serious fun with the gun and he had some serious lead for me to test. Hopeful to have the shroud fixed ASAP so I can enjoy the gun a bit more. As with any new gun on the market there is bound to be a mishap or two along the way. One thing I love about the gun is the ease it disassembles, I am no gun smith but was able to take the gun apart without worries. Easy to replace O-rings.

    Will keep all posted as soon as I have the shroud fixed.
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    Ok, finally got my spare parts from Louis (Thanks for the great service), installed and ready to go, phoned a friend (you don't shoot this gun without sharing with a buddy - too much smiling can hurt your face).

    2nd impression:
    Bloody marvelous, had the crony out, loaded with Jumbo Heavies (18.13gr) JSB's and let it rip... within 5 shots the gun was hitting where I was aiming and starting to same hole, just shooting of the bipod with no back rest, so we brought out a sandbag for a back rest (still with the bipod in front) to get a little of the shakes out. Gun running smoothly at 840fps (I tuned the power down). Consistently running at that speed over a 20 shot string, highest 845fps and lowest 836fps. Better than I expected. Going out to 50m with the 10x scope on the pellet drop was a full mill-dot but still very accurate despite the wind. Would love to see the gun on a bench-rest setup with little to no wind, at 50m we were shooting about 30mm centre to centre 5 shot groups.

    The cocking action is smooth and right at the trigger finger making reloading easy peasy. The shroud extended brings the noise down considerable and there is an obvious difference between shroud extended or not. Initially I thought it would be a pain to assemble or disassemble the gun, but it takes less than 2min to have the gun from boxed to shooting ready with no POI shift. There are however one or two small pains, the biggest being that the barrel screw keeps on loosening, this in effect has a POI shift, frustrating for the shooter if you realize it to late. The second is probable not the manufacturer's fault... and that is that you need high scope mounts to get the head in an upright position, leaning over is not fun, the third thing is a typical challenge for people with long arms... the butt pad needs an extension, when shooting bench you can't get a proper shoulder into the gun as it is to short, looks funny if you put the shoulder to the but pad and cock your head back to get the correct eye relief on the scope. Panado and muscle relaxer needed afterwards. The gun fits nicely in the standing position, it is light and comfortable and freeken fun to shoot that way. This gun was build for PC, you can easily walk around with it for hours,the high shot count will result in you running out of targets before you run out of air.

    The 18 shot magazine gets some time to get used to, and all to sudden you run out of pellets and need to reload, my diving cylinder was only at 170bar and we couldn't load the gun to the 250bar mark, thus after every 3 magazines we had to re-air (170bar to 110 bar) gave us 54 shots, I tuned the regulator down to 110bar, once the pressure drops below this you get POI shift. But still not bad, reckon with a full charge I should get about 130 good shots.

    Interesting that the side lever power adjustment doesn't make a huge difference, there are 7 settings, Min , 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 and Max. We did 90% of the shooting on max. When turned down to min there is a 1/2 mil-dot shift in POI but he speed only dropped by 15fps. Conclusion regarding side wheel power adjustment - only to be used for intense fine tuning. The real power shift comes if you adjust the Valve Control knob (Situated under the air bottle and easy to adjust), when we started I had it down to the first setting and the gun was running at 740fps, I adjusted it back to the factory setting and we got a very steady 840fps and the pellets loved the higher speed.

    We also tried the JSB Jumbo (15.89gr), the grouping improved instantly, looks like the gun prefers the slightly lighter pellets, I need to do some more testing to confirm this, we only shot 2 magazines, then we turned to shooting .22 "doppies" at 25m.. just too easy. The gun's accuracy is brilliant.

    Some serious plus points for the gun:
    Easy to assemble
    Great shot count
    Build quality (despite my 2 mishaps)
    Easy to do self service, I am no mechanic but I feel comfortable taking the gun apart and reassembling it.
    Jealousy from other airgun owners just looking at it...

    Wish list:
    0.177 barrel (ordered and awaiting delivery)
    Spare bottle
    Spare magazines
    More time off work to go and shoot.

    In short: I LOVE this gun
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    Default 5.5mm pellet test with FX Impact

    Pellet report with FX Impact 5.5mm
    So I finally got some time to do some serious plinking at Wetton Shooting Range with good company, Uncle Alan, Uncle John, Andy, Hanco and myself. Had the dive cylinder topped up to 300 bar, the FX in perfect working condition and ready to play. Distance 50m (55yards). 18 shots per target. Didn’t shoot bench rest style but used the tripod on the FX to stabilize. This will account for some of the bad shots but not all of them, the FX has a bit of recoil throwing the heavy lead at this speed. I was getting 6 magazines between fills (6x18 = 104 shots) from 245bar down to 110 bar.
    Wetton wasn’t up to its usual windy tricks, slight breeze but nothing to worry us too much. The FX is setup to shoot JSB Jumbo Heavies (18,13gr) at 840fps and I used this as the basis for all the tests, I know with the normal JSB Jumbo’s (15,89gr) the speed increases by only 15fps. Didn’t chronograph the 21.14 gr Baracudas, but doing some fancy calculation in Chairgun they were running at about 820fps.
    I started the day of with 5 different pellets, 3 of the out of the H&N Stable, but after my initial 5 shot test run I discarded the worst performer as I didn’t want to insult the manufacturer… It was horrible.
    Thus I was left with the following:

    1. H&N Baracuda Match at 21.13gr
    2. H&N Baracuda Sniper Magnum 18gr
    3. JSB Jumbo Heavy at 18,13gr
    4. JSB Jumbo at 15,89gr

    Let’s start with the H&N Baracuda Match 21.13gr, I know that Andy’s HW 5.5mm just loves these pellets to bits, even more than the JSB’s, so I started with very high hopes. The pellet sure looks the part with a slightly more pointed shape than the diablo’s. Looks like a real hunters pellet.
    Grouping was very consistent but not great, only a very slight drop lower than where the gun is zeroed for the JSB’s, about mil-dot at most, I aimed for the centre by the way. I am duly impressed, wind was almost not a factor and no wild flyers at all, grouping can improve a bit and when shot bench rest style should look slightly better. Nice pellet, loaded with ease into the magazine and the bolt action pushed them easily into the chamber. Very smooth shooting.

    Next up was the H&N Sniper Magnum 18gr: Although the pellet loaded easily into the magazine it didn’t go without effort into the barrel, I had to fight the bolt a bit and was apprehensive loading anything with a bit of force. The pellet looks a bit longer than usual with a perforated skirt, almost looks like one of those pellets you get with a real cheap gun that the salesman sells on looks and not performance… But the pellet surprised me quite a bit, had one flyer but that could have been me, the grouping wasn’t very tight with a lot of lateral movement, as if the pellet is more effected by the slight wind then the others, the vertical drop is very steady and again only mil dot needed on the 10x Hawke scope.
    Does this pellet raise my confidence level? Unfortunately not, because it looks like a gimmick the brain tends to think of it in the same way. Don’t think I will be running out to buy it soon.

    On to the JSB Jumbo Heavies at 18,13gr, I bought a bucked load of these pellets as I was told they are super accurate running above 800fps. My expectations were very high when I loaded the 18 shot magazine thinking to myself this is going to be a piece of cake. I think my expectations were a bit high, by now we had a slight right to left wind to contemplate as well. 13 very good shots with 2 absolute shockers, might have been bad pellets but I expected better, the wind effected the grouping a bit, I am very happy with 13 shots that can be covered by a R5 coin at 50m in the wind. Out of the 3 pellets thus far I liked the JSB Heavy Jumbo’s the most, despite the few flyers…

    Lastly was the JSB Jumbo 15,89gr , this was by far the surprise package and I didn’t expect this at all, jaw dropping to say the least, running slightly faster at 855fps the grouping was immaculate and even made me look good. 16 Shots covered under a 50c coin with only 2 shots slightly out of that. I was expecting the wind to have a bigger effect on the lightest of the pellets but these babies just tore through the wind at 50m. My only drawback with this pellet is that I only bought 2 tins… I need to go and get me some more soon.

    If I have to rank them my personal choice would be:

    1. JSB Jumbo at 15,89gr
    2. JSB Jumbo Heavy at 18,13gr
    3. H&N Baracuda Match at 21.13gr
    4. H&N Baracuda Sniper Magnum 18gr (just because it loads with effort, was my no 3 choice)

    If you have any more 5.5mm ammo you want tested you are welcome to send a sample to me (at least 50 pellets), I will do the same run again.

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