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Thread: Webley Stingray II Quatro .20 | Review

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    Webley Stingray II Quatro

    Webley Stingray II Quatro

    As can be seen from the photos the air rifle is fully ambidextrous and the auto safety is a neat push off centre
    mounted unit at the rear of the cylinder, easy to operate even with a scope mounted.

    The air rifle plus Tasco Golden Antler 3x9x32 AO scope weighs in at 3.7 kg and handles well with a good height
    cheek piece making it easy to repeat your stock hold and position for each shot. The stock fore-end is also
    quite deep which I like. The wood stock is made from Walnut wood and is a greyer colour than shown due to
    the flash.
    More like this photo of the butt end of the stock

    Webley Stingray II Quatro

    The Webley Stingray II has the very good Quattro trigger which is easily adjustable for weight and travel of both stages. I have mine set up for min weight just under 3 lbs and a shorter first stage. The trigger pull is lightest at
    a slight upward angle.

    Webley Stingray II Quatro

    The name is on the LHS of the cylinder and also has the words "Powr-Lok" which it seems is some sort of
    vibration damper.

    Webley Stingray II Quatro

    I have so far only been able to get JSB Exact 13.73 gn . These are a tight fit in the breech, I note that
    H&N FTT are a better fit being 5mm and not 5.1mm like the JSB.

    So how does it shoot with the JSB pellets, very well indeed, so far I have shot about 70 pellets
    and on the Shooting Chrony measured a max of 654 fps and an average of 634 fps.

    Shooting at 20m I have managed to get 5 shot groups of 7mm which is better than any of my 4.5mm
    air rifles to date.

    The air rifle is smooth to shoot with no spring vibration just a thump from the action and the trigger breaks crisply
    at the same point.
    I will be interested to see how the H&N FTT pellets compare

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