After testing the Kral EVO Marine in 5.5mm, I got the opportunity to test the Puncher S also in 5.5mm.

This is the entry model PCP from Kral and has the smallest airtube (230cc) and shortest barrel (480mm) of the range, it has a side-lever action similar to the ones found on the Evanix rifles, it cycles smoothly and flawlessly through the 12 shot magazines. All round a good rifle in my opinion, ideal for plinking, general use and Critter Control (critter control = paper punching, cans, wild spuds, runaway cauliflowers - pick your target).

In my opinion - good bang for your buck!

I only used JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr in 5.52mm as I found these to perform the best in the Evo Marine.

Shooting table: Plastic table
Rest: X bag
Distance: 20m
TP Setting: Max (5)
Start pressure: 160 bar (All the dive cylinder had)
Number of shots: 24 (2x12 shots mags) (Lower start fill pressure, so I used less mags)
Pellet used: JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr 5.52mm
Rifle: Kral Puncher S 5.5mm

Kral Puncher S

18.13 - Mag to Mag strings:
Start pressure: 160 bar
Mag 1: 872, 871, 870, 867, 869, 864, 863, 866, 860, 863, 858, 860 - End press:145bar
H:872, L:858, S:14, A:865

Kral Puncher S

18.13 - Mag to Mag strings:
Start pressure: 145 bar
Mag 2: 860, 853, 850, 842, 843, 842, 838, 837, 831, 823, 825, 819 - End press:130bar
H:860, L:819, S:41, A:839.5

Kral Puncher S

18.13 - 24 Shots Ave:
FPS - H:872, L:819, S:53, A:845.5
FT/LBS - H:30.6, L:27.0, A:28.7