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    Walther Century

    I have always wanted to own a quality German air rifle and looked at the models from both Weihrauch
    , Walther and Diana. The LGV Competition being on my short list but the price with a scope put it out of reach ( I was only interested in buying a new original rifle)
    The Walther Century looked like a good buy with its included Walther scope and looking at reliable reviews/tests it was given a favourable report..
    Well I am pleased to say that my Walther Century exceeded my expectations.

    For the first time ever I decided to clean the barrel before use, using the “Paris” method and some transport grease was removed and by the sixth pull through the cloth was clean.
    The scope was mounted and the ring mounts are both fitted with large arrestor pins the rear one was inverted and it was a good fit into the holes in the cylinder

    The scope was adjusted and did not seem to respond to left adjustment, so looking from the top the scope seemed a bit out of line. The scope was removed and on examining the mounts the front one had the incorrect dovetail fitting so it was reversed and all was well, I also increased the scope base a bit.
    Now the scope was very responsive to L or R adjustments and the rifle scope was zeroed to 20m.

    I took the rifle to the shooting range and tried it at 30m. The Walther 6x42 AO scope is very sharp and clear, just as good as my Hawke Sport 3-9x40 AO.
    The rifle was shooting high at 30m but I left it like this to run some lead through the barrel.
    I was using JSB Exact Heavy 10.34gn to try and keep the velocity down. I managed to have the MV
    tested by one of the club members using his chronograph and it showed about 740 ft/sec which was pleasantly lower than expected.
    When I got home I checked the serial number to the box and it agreed so it is an FAC model.
    The rifle has excellent weight distribution and the weight of 4.7 kg with scope fitted helps to keep it stable when shooting. The fore-end of the stock is flat and broad also ideal for easy handling.
    The trigger has a broad blade and a light first stage which makes for easy consistent firing point.
    I did lighten the trigger pull weight a bit.
    You need to eat your oats or wheaties for breakfast to cock the rifle but the action on my rifle is very smooth and quiet and you just need to keep your pressure all the way through the stroke.
    Come to think of it my HW40 clone pistol is even harder to cock.

    Performance to date using my Shooting Chrony
    JSB Heavy 10.34gn AV 750 ft/sec SD 9 ME 12.9 ft/lbs
    JSB Exact 8.44gn AV 860 ft/sec SD 7 ME 13.8 ft/lbs
    Target at 20m 5 shot groups 12mm (this will improve as putting 2/3 in one hole)

    So to summarize The Walther Century that I own is smooth and pleasant to shoot, it is heavy
    and stable good for bench shooting and promises good accuracy and it has a very nice trigger.
    The blueing of the barrel and cylinder is well done and the beech stock well shaped and finished.
    It requires some effort to cock and would need a sling for field work. The stock screws are of high quality
    being of the Allen key type.

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