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    i know tjat what im about to ask is damn expensive but anyone out there thats hunted with night vision? if yeah, what generation and was it sufficient? monoculars, binoculars or scopes? prices have been going down quite hectically so one day i might be interested if i got some extra cash to buy toys! one thing i wanna know is : does it help? im sure it does cos u dont have the problem of walking aroung with a lamp so there is less chance of being seen. thing is i probably might only use it twice a year, but toys are toys! any veiws?

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    I've played around with a Gen2 setup a while ago. Wasn't mine but found it very good. A little grainy, but you can easily make out what's what. IIRC I was only scoping out to around 25m with it.
    Prolly better off asking on the UK forums as they use night vision stuff alot.

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    Battling to secure a hunting spot for daytime, imagine the response if i ask to do some nighthunting!
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