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Thread: Weihrauch HW77 - latest stock version | Review

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    Default Weihrauch HW77 - latest stock version | Review

    Weihrauch HW77 - Review

    Weihrauch HW77

    I have always been a big fan of the HW77, so I contacted the local agents to see if they still had wooden stock HW77 in .177 calibre.
    They did and when I found out the price I rushed into town to have a look. As soon as I picked up the rifle I was impressed as the
    balance was perfect for me and it shouldered really well. I also liked the new style ambidextrous stock with higher cheek piece
    and checkering on the slimline forestock.

    It gets even better from here on :

    The open sights are amazing with their long sight line and finely adjustable rear sight with a choice of four style notches ( a feature common to other HW`s)
    For the first time (compared to any other open sights I have tested on new rifles) the rifle was already on target at 18m. I only had to click it down a bit and to the left
    Now I do not have good eyesight so in most cases open sights do not work for me, but not so with the HW77 its first 10shots were in a group
    almost as good as I get with a scoped rifle. I did clean the barrel before use with a snake bore and used 6 patches and then two felt cleaning
    pellets backed up by JSB 10.34 gn pellets

    The rifle being the full length barrel version is easy to cock and I was surprised by the smoothness of the cocking action. The firing cycle
    seeing as its a FAC version was also very mild and I do not need to comment on the excellent record trigger.

    In fact I would have thought that the rifle was somewhat low on power for an FAC version.

    So after a fair number of pellets , time to test with the Shooting Chrony

    JSB 8.44 gn Av vel 884 ft/sec ES 14.7 ME 14.6

    JSB 10.3 gn Av vel 793 ft/sec ES 12.3 ME 14.5

    So the Weihrauch HW77 lives up to its reputation even in FAC form and I look forward to seeing how it shoots at greater distance
    once I have run it in with a good scope fitted .I will also be adding a sling for field carry use.

    The under lever release giving a twin barrel effect a neat touch.

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    Weihrauch HW77 - Review - Part 2

    To fit a scope to the Weihrauch HW77 the rear sights have to be removed as they are fitted onto the scope dovetails.
    I removed the mounting screw and slid them back till the scope arrestor holes and there they stopped at the join
    between trigger block and cylinder. Out came the tiny ball peen hammer and hardwood block and I had to
    tap them over the obstruction.

    I fitted a Hawk Sport 3-9x40mm scope using a one piece Hawk mount to the HW77
    The scope was zeroed at 18m shooting off a bench using JSB 10.34 gn pellets, results were
    disappointing during this process

    Weihrauch HW77

    To make the shooting test more interesting I decided to do a face-off with my Walther Century and its Walther 6x42mm scope.
    The photos are for comparison only and not of my rifles

    Walther Century

    Only one target per air rifle was to be shot ( 5 shots each at 18m)
    So I started with the Walther using JSB 8.44gn pellets and fired three warm up shots. The rifle seemed to be shooting high
    and on the third shot the scope fell off ! Not a good start to the test, it pays to check your scope mounts from time to time.
    I found that the scope mounting dovetails were still all greased up , so I cleaned them and the scope mounts
    and reattached the scope and zeroed at 18m.

    Target shot shows a 5 shot group of 15mm, now I know the Walther can do better than this.

    Next the Weihrauch HW77 was tested and the warm up shots showed that the JSB 10.34gn pellets were not performing well
    so I switched to JSB 8.44gn pellets.

    Target shot shows a group of 13mm with three pellets in a 6mm hole. These were the first three shots fired and when I saw the hole
    in the target appear I got so excited I lost it with the next two shots

    So the accuracy test in this round goes to the HW77

    The Walther and the HW77 have very different handling characteristics with the Walther being heavy and chunky and the HW77 more
    refined and better balanced. The Walther has a nicer grained beech wood stock and finish to my eye with the HW77 having a better
    shaped stock.
    The handling/stock design is a matter of personal choice but for me the HW77 feels right.

    Now we come to the trigger feel and action, both are very good but different. The Walther has a light first stage take up and then fires
    at a consistent pressure.
    The HW77 record trigger has a more springy first stage and a very crisp firing point.
    Here I am going to award a tie with a slight bias for the record trigger due to its metal trigger blade and more positive feel.

    The firing action compared:
    The Walther has more recoil and feels like a coiled up cobra ready to strike. The HW77 has less drama and fires smoothly.
    The early versions of the Walther Century seem to have been over powered in FAC form and I wonder if the transfer port was reduced in size to
    decrease power and the original spring still used and hence the heavy cocking pressure required.
    If you are shooting off a bench then there is nothing to choose between the rifles. If using in the field then the Weihrauch HW77 takes my vote.
    So to summerize in my opinion :
    These are both very fine air rifles that are very well made and will give you lots of shooting pleasure. They are both capable of repeatable accuracy.
    The heavy cocking pressure of the Walther Century is a negative. The extra cost of the Weihrauch HW77 plus added cost of a scope has to be taken
    into account. In my case I feel that the HW77 is a good investment and complements a quality break barrel air rifle like the Walther.

    Now to see how the HW77 shoots at 30m and 50m on the shooting range.
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