I really enjoy long distance air rifle shooting, hence I frequently visit a .22 lr metallic silhouette shooting range to shoot metallic chickens at 40m, pigs at 60 m, turkeys at 77 m and rams at 100 m.

My SPA P12 5.5 mm Scorpion had been giving me a really hard time in the accuracy department. I have re-crowned the barrel twice and have tested barrel indexing, different pellet velocities from 750 – 950 fps, also different pellet weights and brands........... all to no avail.

I was given a HW100 .177 (4.5 mm) barrel as a gift. From the word ‘go’ this barrel restored hope in my shooting abilities. The HW100 barrel really likes JSB beasts at 800 fps and 920 fps.
I now have an air rifle that could knock metallic rams over at 100m.

To further improve the accuracy of my P12, my attention shifted to the silencer I was using. I striped my commercially purchased silencer and repacked it with what I thought will be an improvement.

The picture on the left was what my P12 was typically shooting. The grouping on the right was achieved after repacking my silencer. This is a not a one-hole grouping, but as per the targets, it is a 50 % reduction in grouping size. Game on !!!...So I started to walk a path by building a silencer that could bring out the true potential of my P12 without spending too much money.

In my design and development phase, I built a test platform to shoot from, thus removing the human factor. I know it's crude, but it worked!

I must have built 30 plus different combinations of silencers ranging from reflex, reverse flow, K-Baffles, dual flow and more. On the size of my silencer, I tested different diameters of tubing (25, 30, 40, 50 and even 65 mm), as well as different lengths of the silencers, number of baffle chambers and tolerances of the internals. These variations all had pro’s and con’s.

At this time, my first objective was accuracy and only then sound. Slowly but surely the silencer started taking shape.

From the above picture one can see my prototype in comparisons to my smaller commercial silencer. As the saying goes..........“It’s what it is”.

I now started testing my prototype against my modified silencer.

My P12 was shooting a 10.9 mm c.t.c grouping. Now it can do 1.8mm c.t.c grouping at 23 m with Jsb Beast 16.2 gr at 920 fps .This is an 83.4 % reduction in grouping size. I have tested a friend’s 4.5 mm Hatsan using my newly developed silencer. We almost achieved an 80% reduction in grouping size.

In the sound testing department, I made some test silencers and went around to different gun shops to test my silencer against what they are selling.

The above photo shows a P12 with a shroud fitted silencer and a Sumatra. I adjusted the power wheel of the Sumatra to full power (84 fpe) and discharged the air rifle in the shop. Clients standing nearby didn’t even notice what I was doing.

We then screwed a ˝” UNF silencer onto a Daystate Pulsar and when discharged it, all one could hear was a click. I really thought that the air rifle had malfunctioned and we fired it again. It went click again!!!. I’m sorry, but this seemed to be the quietest air rifle combination around!

Shooting friends started asking for me to make them silencers, this lead to the birth of FaTT Boy Air Rifle Silencers.

I dropped the camo tape finish and settled on a matt black finish. I started placing ads on Guntree and have been making silencers for all different types of air rifles. I have also been customising silencers for Safari Outdoors for some time now and over the December period received an order for 40 FaTT Boy silencers.
In turn, I have met some great guys with a passion for air rifle shooting.

In the ‘coolest’ air rifle department, I have made a silencer for an FX Impact. This however has recently been overtaken by a Cricket 4.5mm as the absolute ‘coolest’ and wins first prize.

Let me finish with this last line..........
FaTT Boy Air Rifle Silencers.............


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