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    Firstly I said on another thread that the Compatto that I received had a leak by the probe, I didn't know if it was the o-ring or wrong probe for the rifle.
    I take all I said back!! It was the coupling nipple for the QD, I didn't realised that the probe has a shorter thread than usual, then wasn't providing a proper seal and the air was gushing out from the thread not the gun - I just put a fatty o-ring in and problem solved. I like to thank Eugene from Airgun nut for the awesome customer service provided.

    About the rifle, at first impression, as I open the box, my thought was, wow it is really compact, as they said on other reviews, it is between a Carbine and a bullpup. Picked the rifle up, it is really light weight, slim and very comfortable to handle.
    It has full floated shrouded barrel, with no baffles inside, just an air stripper sealed with an o-ring and measure 18" in length, total length of the rifle is 34".

    The under barrel air cylinder can be filled to (recommended) 200 bar, providing 30 shots at full power and 90 shots at minimum power, that's where I started disagreeing with the factory specs (or maybe is just my rifle), I did 20 shots at full power, 10 with 15.43gr pellets and 10 with 18.89gr pellets, from 190 bar to 170 bar, there for I guess that I can get more than 30 shots per fill.

    Moving to the accuracy, it is like a laser sharp accuracy, in par with one of my favourite rifle the Kral puncher breaker evo marine bullpup, that is really accurate at 25/30mts by then, I started to get excited, 5 shots on a beer bottle top lying flat on a brick at 24m with 15.43gr pellets

    hit all 5 on target

    another 5 with 18.89gr pellets

    Lovely, I happy with it so far. Moving to the bolt action, it cycles very smooth with little effort to cock the gun, no "scratchy" feeling, the bolt handle is long enough to be held with 2 fingers while pulling back to cock the gun, I am very happy with that.

    The trigger, it is a 2 stage adjustable (I haven't adjusted mine), very smooth and predictable and the best of all, the slingshot mechanism is very quiet compared to the Kral and other rifles that I own, very impressive, the hammer striking the valve doesn't make much noise either, no spring sound, just a "twanging" sound (like a ping) which I believed can go away with a regulator installed.

    Moving to the dovetail rail, the rifle comes with an extra mount attached over the breech rail in case you mount a large optic scope (50/60mm) and is removable, nice touch.

    To the build quality, ummmm, I haven't disassembled the rifle to see how it looks inside but overall looks very good and well made. The stock, that's where they fail in my opinion, the stock is plastic, feels a bit on the cheap side, the stock on the Kral feels much stronger, robust and sturdy, on the Compatto,it feels a bit thin, especially at the forend, if you wiggle the rifle on the bipod, you can see the stock kind of twisting a little bit. Not very impressed there. It has a 5cm picatinny rail that you can mount a bipod and still have space for a torch or other accessory.

    Here is a pic with the Compatto and the Kral for comparison of length without a second stage silencer and with

    Brocock Compatto

    Once I fitted the second stage silencer, my reaction was WOW this thing is quiet!!!, I believed is due to the trigger system, it's quieter than the Kral. Very impressive, specially that I shoot a lots in my backyard and I need a quiet rifle to not trigger the neighbour's dogs synchronized symphony of barking.
    I forgot to mention that it has 3 adjustable power settings, which the little nob doesn't correspond to the stages accurately, another minus on the build and QC.

    Overall, I am very happy with the Compatto, accurate, quiet, enough power to take to the bush for some pc and get dog and cat food and of course to slaughter some beer bottle caps throughout the day whole day.
    Update: Shot count at full power, from 190bar to 120bar 36 shots

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