Ratel Sporting Airguns started in my little workshop situated in George.

It all began with my first PCP project, had to learn everything from scratch, with the help of ARF, friends on call and everyone's favorite Google to get me going. After that successful project, my design brain went into overdrive with my main aim being to build an affordable PCP Air rifle for upcoming shooting stars. So with my technologically limited workshop tools, prototype No.1 was built; with quite a bit of modding it became a fairly successful platform. Only after replacing the barrel the rifle really came to life; redesign done and prototype no.2 was underway, fitted with the only descent barrel I could find, this unit gave me excellent figures and is very accurate.

Production will start in the next week or two. All parts will be done by CNC precision machining and Lothar Walther barrels are being imported to compliment the consistency and accuracy of the action.

Herewith prototype No.2 as reference to the production version of the RSA Veldt air rifle.

Ratel Sporting Airguns Veldt

Ratel Sporting Airguns Veldt

Ratel Sporting Airguns Veldt

RSA Veldt Specifications:

  • Calibre: 4.5mm
  • Velocity - 800 FPS optimised for 12 FPE (8.44gr pellet)
  • Magazine Capacity: 4.5mm - 15 pellets
  • Air tube volume: 177cc ( 70 shots per fill )
  • Max fill pressure: 200 bar ( 12 FPE range 170 bar to 100 bar )
  • Length: 950 mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Regulator: Optional
  • Adjustable velocity: HST dial (700 FPS to 900 FPS)
  • Adjustable trigger: First and Second stage
  • Trigger profile: Curved | Straight
  • Foster quick fill: Standard
  • 11mm Dovetail rail: Standard
  • Picatinny rail: Optional
  • Beech wood stock (Custom design & Walnut Optional)
  • Adjustable cheek piece: Standard
  • Vertical Adjustable butt pad: Standard (Horizontal adjustable optional)
  • Adjustable Hamster: Optional

Backup & upgrade:
Ratel Sporting Airguns (RSA) is dedicated to producing a local, affordable and accurate FT | SFT | HFT pcp air rifle with local backup and upgrade parts. All advice and modifications from local air rifle enthusiasts and experts will be evaluated and tested. This will allow RSA to improve and upgrade our range and also to develop new models.

Future Products:
  • Will see a bullpup version of the 4.5mm RSA Veldt
  • Development on a 5.5mm model will start soon and will also be available in bullpup format.

Future Accessories:
  • Vertically adjustable buttpad
  • Monopods

*Please note that Ratel Sporting Airguns will continue to offer the custom stocks service.

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