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    to make our club shoot, even more fun, we decided to include a bunny prize. one of the bunnies was set as the golden head & tail sprayed yellow.

    anyone that knock it down during the round qualifies to win the sponsored prize. it was great fun.....only 4 guys managed hits during the round and it was only after 3 rounds of shoot off's that a winner was determined.

    the only down side........ that the winner & sponsor of the
    bunny was the same oak.
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    oh well... must have been exiting shooting the gold rabbit... thats a good idea
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    At Wolwehoek the guys pulled such a stunt with :shoot: silhouettes.
    Everybody, let us say three lanes, each gets two turkeys and a pig to shoot at, at a much further distance than normal. One chicken, also at abnormal distance is put out. The person that knocks his three silhouttes over first can go for the chicken.( Any number of shots allowed.) First one to knock over the chicken wins. GREAT FUN! :shoot:
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