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    Hi All.

    The Protea's have a challenge for all.

    To win a tin of pellets all you have to do is beat a Protea in a handicap score.

    At the following leagues or until all the tins of pellets are gone.

    The procedure and score calculation are as follows.

    1. Challenge a Protea.
    2. Notify me of the challenge before the shoot starts.
    3. Only one challenge per Protea per league will be accepted.
    4. You do not have to be paired with the Protea to challenge them.

    Your handicap score is calculated as follows.
    The difference between your Grade % and 100% divided by 2. this gives you a handicap score and this score will be added to your league score and the highest score wins.

    90% grade score will give you 5 handicap points
    60% grade score will give you 20 handicap points.

    P.S even the Proteas will get their handicap points but with their higher % these points are small.

    Lets see who will challenge which Protea tomorrow at the first league.

    Who is going to become the Protea Killer, or will the Protea's servive.
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