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Thread: Bullpup decision ?

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    Default Bullpup decision ?

    Well time to include something new to my air rifle collection, time for a 5.5mm bullpup but not sure which to go for. I am considering a few options, namely the Vulcan, FX Wildcat (possibly the FX impact is a sell a kidney), Cricket, Daystate Renegade standard/HP. All the agents seem to recommend theirs as the best for obvious reasons however i am looking for advice from those who have or do owned them. The main things i am looking for in the bullpup is the following: pellet on pellet accuracy at 50m, good backup service with spares availability, regulated, descent shot count, reliable rifle with a good build quality, easily adjustable regarding energy levels for FC vs PC. I have only shot the cricket and FX Impact and thus i am finding it difficult to make a choice on which to go for.
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    I have owed Edgun, Cricket, Daystate and Vulcan. Personally I really like the Vulcan, it is accurate, quiet, short and efficient with air.
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    The cricket.

    Proven reliability and everything else, at a reasonable [sic] price.
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    Choice 1: Vulcan with sidelever. The ergonomics of the stock, reg, accuracy.... did I mention accuracy

    Choice 1(and half): Edgun R3M. PC machine.very easy to tune/set reg/ strip down. Simplistic and robust design.

    Choice 1 (and three qtr): kalibrgun cricket. Proven gun. Spares (should be) readily available. Localized support. Price of new can be steep, but they hold most of their value depending on condition etc...

    I currently own all three and that's how I would rate them IMHO. If you have LOADS of time, love fuxing and tinkering every ten minutes then get an impact. The qc I have heard about the world over about the impact is scary. Just saying.. anyhow good luck with your choice, whatever u choose. Just my 2c worth. Jamal
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    Hi I agree 100% with Portside. I have had the pleasure of shooting with all his rifles and my opinion, being a PC company owner, I found that the Vulcan is super accurate and has more than enough energy for all purposes. What he did not mention, is that the Vulcan may be lighter in weight than the Edgun and Kalibre gun (depending on the scope you are intending to use) if you are going to carry it around all day/night. All 3 of them are fantastic rifles. Hold and shoot with each one if possible then make a decision.
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