Ok so today i took my JKHAN iluda N400 5.5 and went to use my new chrony and put some shots through it...750 of them...brought my FPS down to between 920fps and 934fps where it seems to be performing well and giving me 40 shots in that range from 160bar to 125bar. I can get up to 60 shots in a spread of 910fps to 934fps from 180bar to 125bar but im using the tighest spread and thats ok. Although....my POI stays pretty much the same from 910fps im keeping it in the 920fps range, all the was done at 40m using JSB 18.13 gr.

I did my 50m group at +-920fps and my POI was 1 mildot down and half mildot to the right of my POA @ x12 magnification so must have been the wind. I shot up to 85m easy with strelok pro and was hitting targets everytime.

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JKHan Iluda N400

P.S. forgot to mention its 8 shots in the group