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Thread: Field Target Supplies - Local Only

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    Dark Blue please
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    I just kept a couple of old steel screw top pellet tins (Accupell IIRC) and keep my bulk supply in those and just transfer what is needed into my leather pellet pouch.

    It has worked well for the last 20 years.
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    Another dark blue please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
    So a while back I had the idea to design a pellet container for transporting those valuable lead bits.

    Iíve always like the Pellcan but since they are now discontinued, they are like henís teeth to get a hold (If at all). I did the next best thing and bought the SafePack container, as I liked the idea of the foam inserts to protect your pellets (unlike the Pellcan, which was still all aluminium and could still dent all your pellets, if dropped).

    The only downside to the SafePack was the fact that itís made from pressed tin/aluminium? And dents if you just sneeze on it (see pic). This just from being in my FT bag!

    I finally put some time in on the CAD software and designed my own with 2 principles:

    • Had to be stronger than tin and
    • Have the same protective foam on the inside.

    After a few attempts and prototypes, I give you the Pellet Pod. Itís 3D printed from solid plastic and has the foam on the inside to protect your pellets.

    It can hold a full can of Heavies or Exacts.


    • Remove lid and centre absorber
    • Insert pellets in foam
    • Replace centre absorber
    • Screw the lid on again

    Dimensions: H 43mm x W 88mm (Weight = 105g)

    The only downside to these, are they are a bit bigger than your normal tins, but I can live with that, as the Pellet Pod is just for safe guarding my weighed pellets for transport etc. I put all my shooting pellets in my pellet pouch before FT shoots and the rest go back in my bag. All safe and sound.

    I am prepared to make and sell these (R200) on a made to order basis, if there is any interest in something like this?

    Let me know if you interested below. I can print them in solid or combo colours with the following colours currently Ė Black, White, Dark Green, Gold, Dark Blue, Silver, and Red. (Other colours can be arranged upon request).

    E.g. of Mixed Colours

    E.g. of Solid Colours:
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