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Thread: MARCOOL RIFLE SCOPE 4-16x50AOE , 1'' | Review

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    Default MARCOOL RIFLE SCOPE 4-16x50AOE , 1'' | Review

    So I've been scratching around for a CHEAP yet a acceptable quality scope for a while in the 4-16 or 6-24 mag range
    Yip i know cheap and acceptable quality is not synonymous

    But recently I came across Marcool scopes. Never heard of them before. I could not find out much about them on the web. But for R1000 for a 4-16x50 AOE 1" scope I thought i'd give it a try.

    Rifle scope Marcool 4-16x 50

    So I purchased it from Good buying experience. They recommended a mount as well. Got a 1 piece Medium/High mount. No name brand. Works fine.

    The scope arrives with a sun shade and the usual adjustment tools (allen key etc). It also comes with a front and rear Flip open covers
    Note: With the sunshade it was too long to mount on my break barrel Crosman TR77 NPS

    So I fitted it to my Crosman TR77 NPS. See pic
    The finish is good. Front Parallax adjustment is crisp and precise range wise (accurate to the markings on the adjustment ring) and at 25m at 16 mag I could read the writing on a tin of spray paint.
    Holding zero is good. No issues there.

    Turrets are ok. Finger adjustable 1/4" at 100yrds (I think...didnt check that closely ). Nice to have a lock ring.
    It has a illuminated 4 Mil Dot Reticule. It has diopter adjustment but I did not have to adjust it at all. The crosshairs were crisp at all magnifications
    Focus is fine to about 8m. No sign of fogging at 16 mag. Even when it started raining and got very cold the light and clarity was excellent.
    I have not tried the illuminated reticule function. It does not come with a battery

    It withstands the substantial kick of the TR77 without a problem.

    If you are looking for a decent budget scope I can highly recommend it

    All in all I'm very pleased and I'm tempted to get the 6-24 version which is about R1500. They have vastly more expensive versions so I assume mine is the very budget entry level version.

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    Tx for review
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