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    Hi AllIm new to air rifles and am in need of some advice. I have got a Hatsan Mod 125 with a BSA 3-12x44 AO scope mounted with Hawk 1 piece match mounts and a scope stop that was supplied with the rifle. From what I have read, the Hatsan is quite tough on scopes. From what I have also read on these scopes are purpose built for the heavy recoil springers. My question is this, do I have to "shoot the rifle in" before I can start using the scope without any risk of damaging it? The rifle is fairly accurate with the open sights. I have managed to get a 1 inch group of 5 shots at 25 yards so far. I'm really keen to get out and start using the rifle and scope combo. The rifle will be used, at this stage, purely for pest control and plinking.Any advice?
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    The only way you will have no risk of damage is by not mounting the scope.

    If you want to get the most out of the scope and gun .Get the gun tuned.And use Dampa mounts.

    Depending on your luck you might never have problems with the scope.My guess is it will fail at some time.I gave a Airmax away at a stage that a guy put on a CFX.After a while the turrets nearly fell off because the grub screws had vibrated out.
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    Have to agree with Allan , having shot my mates one I had a head ache after 3 shots.Best thing to do with that gun is to have it detuned to more sane level,magnumites is a big problem with our macho types,unfortunately these guns can never shoot accuratly with hyper velocities and the harshness of the power plant.I have a HW90 .20 that i have detuned what a differance in smoothness and accuracy,im cured no more magnumites for me, happy shooting Peter.
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    The BSA scope will break on the stock standard Hatsan 125, and so will the Leapers and Nikko Stirlings. I have broken a heap of scopes trying to find one that actually works on the Hatsan.

    I agree with the other guys, detune the rifle and put decent seals in it. The standard seals are just a plastic disk that let lot of air pass through. This cause a lot of piston slap, resulting in even harsher recoil. Afriend of mine found seals, very similar to the Cenom ones at a hydrolic shop.... works amazing. Therifle is much smoother and he actually had a huge increase in power, not that it is necessary.
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    Thanks guys, for the replies so far..

    Farmer, where could I get the Venom seals you were talking about? If there are any other alternatives that will work just as well please let me know. How much do seals generally cost?
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