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    I am wondering if anyone still uses their old analog cameras to take slides.

    I still have two of my non-digital cameras that I would like to use again.

    Is this a lost cause today ?.

    Any advice ?


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    Shooting film is definitely seeing a revival at the moment, especially amongst the younger crowd. Pop in to orms direct in Cape Town, they have a decent amount of film in stock and they would probably be able to service your cameras as well if needs be.

    What models are your two cameras?
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    Hello Evacol,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did not realize that film shooting is once again becoming popular , I did contact Orms , and they were able to help with film stock , they also handle processing.

    I am returning to my analog cameras because my digital camera's (a Fuji 6800z) batteries have died on me and I cannot find replacements anywhere in South Africa.
    This will teach me not to buy proprietary technology in the future .

    At present I have two 35mm cameras , both "point and shoot" , I prefer these small cameras for day to day shooting.

    The one camera is an old Olympus Mju II , which has always given me very good results.

    The other one is a Konica Big Mini BM300 , it also gives quite good results , but in my view it is inferior to the Olympus.

    Batteries for these cameras are quite easily available as they both use the CR 123a battery.

    I also have a Pentax S1a , a nice camera , but unfortunately the cloth shutter and other seals have completely disintegrated from old age and the camera cannot be repaired .

    Now to find that Leica that nobody loves anymore

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