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Thread: NBRSA rules change.

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    Default NBRSA rules change.

    I found this on the web site of the company that manufactures the bags used on the JJ rests.

    "Those of you who compete in the NBRSA will be receiving your copy of the rule changes soon. There are a couple of rule changes for 2017. The change we found most intriguing was that the requirement of being able to lift your fore end freely from the front rest has been removed."

    I wonder if this will affect our air rifle rules as well.

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    Protea Benchrest (Air) Team '13/'15/'17/'19

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    Probably won't have any effect as we have no affiliation with them.

    Furthermore, all our rules are fixed until the 2019 World event, and I doubt it will even make the agm.
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    Thanks Tiaan

    That's the info I was hoping someone would give.
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