Spring & Barrel Air Rifle Workshop performs upgrades, tuning and general maintenance of all brands spring (including gas ram) air rifles. We furthermore do restorations and general repairing of air rifles.

We are always open to suggestions from other air rifle owners on how to improve all aspects of their air rifles. We also gladly assist anyone with any air rifle issues.

We are also able to manufacture virtually any small air rifle part, from either a sample of the old broken part, or form a sketch. We have the skill and equipment to produce a wide variety of these smaller parts which are either completely unavailable, or ridiculously expensive to import. In most cases we are able to produce small springs for trigger mechanisms too.

  • Gas Ram Conversions: Replace the main compression springs with pressurised nitrogen pistons. With these upgrades, we also install bushings to ensure that the gas piston remains centred in the compression tube throughout the cocking and shooting stages.
  • Trigger upgrades: Replace or modify trigger to produce a smoother action.
  • Tuning: Deburring & lubricating mechanical parts. Polishing trigger mechanism contact areas.
  • General maintenance: Servicing air rifles and replacing broken or missing parts.
  • Restorations: Removing rust and re-blueing metal surfaces, using the "Hot Bluing" technique. Restoring and replacing air rifle stocks.
  • Repairing: Barrel straightening. Cocking mechanism repairs. Stock refurbishing. Spring replacements.

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