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Thread: Daisy 288 air pistol

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    Default Daisy 288 air pistol

    What are your thought? I cant find much on the interweb.
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    Prof. Jan Itor

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    Not in production anymore I think.

    Rating: The "Daisy 288" is the successor of "Model 188" (also treated here on ""), a simply built, weak spring-pressure gun. The poor sight, the smooth running and the low power of the shot do not allow high precision and the shooting range is limited. The pistol can therefore only be used at short distances and is really only interesting for the "daisy" lovers or collectors who complement the collection. The weapon is less valuable compared to its predecessor model, especially because of its plastic housing.
    Daisy Model 288 -
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    It would only be for collection purposes , a local pawn shop has one for 450.
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