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Thread: Is the Weihrauch HW30S all its cracked up to be ? | Review

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    Default Is the Weihrauch HW30S all its cracked up to be ? | Review

    Having two grandsons I wished to add an air rifle that can be used by a 6 year old. I have a very old Diana 25 that can be used but I was looking for something that they can grow up with.

    So looking at the much recommended HW30S what does it offer over other makes of similar weight and power.
    It is has all metal construction with a very neat ambidextrous stock and is very well made. The cocking action is smooth and light
    and has the well respected Rekord trigger. The blueing and stock finish is of the same standard as the larger HW air rifles.

    Now as this is to be a training air rifle it will only be used with open sights at 10m . So I wondered how accurate it would be using the
    very good open sights. (supplied with 6 foresight elements in a neat envelope attached to the trigger, took me a while to find them )

    Weihrauch HW30S

    After I had cleaned the barrel and run about 50 pellets through it. I tried my hand at some targets and an acceptable group was obtained
    using JSB 8.44 gn pellets. I am sure an even smaller group can easily be obtained .
    The rifle is a pleasure to handle and standing shots are easy due to its size, weight and very good balance.
    The Rekord trigger is set light measured at average pull of 1.55 lbs using my homebuilt trigger pull and this helps with shot to shot consistency.

    Note : Photo shows trigger pull of another target air rifle

    Due to the very low recoil and light cocking action I wondered what power the HW30S was putting out.
    Time for the Shooting Chrony and using JSB Exact 8.44gn the following figures were obtained
    Lo 531.9 Hi 553.5 Av 539.7 ME 5.46 ft/lb

    So now my so called full power HW30S was looking like a target 7.5J model and I remembered seeing a strange mark on the box description

    and then looking on the internet saw that the "F" was the German mark for a 7.5J model. The pentagram symbol which confirms this can be seen on the compression tube.

    So now what to do as I wished to use the rifle for more than just paper targets at 10m.
    I contacted TW Chambers and ordered a UK spec spring ( 9J or 7 ft/lb )

    Part 2 will be my impressions of the HW30S with a standard HW 9J power spring


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