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Thread: FXA in Cape Town

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    Default FXA in Cape Town

    Good day all Can you please be so kind as to tell me which dealers in Cape Town you can recommend?
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    Prof. Jan Itor

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    Generally a special order item only.

    You could work with the AGW Cape Town agent

    Forum name: Jacowp
    Contact/s: Jaco
    Address: Cape Town
    Phone/s: +27845808385
    Website: Airgunworx: Custom Airgun Repair & Performance Modifications
    Services: Repairs, maintenance, modifications and tuning to all makes of air rifles. Custom parts manufacturing.
    Agents for:
    Distributors of:
    Retailer of:
    NB: By appointment only.
    or with the SA agent directly.

    Airgun Warehouse
    Forum name: Importer | KGB
    Contact/s: Louis | Johan
    Address: 23 Neville Street, Brackendowns, Alberton
    Phone/s: +27119004477 | +27781937513
    Services: Repairs and modifications to all makes of air rifles
    Agents for: Feinwerkbau | FX Airguns | Rapid Air Weapons | Theoben | Kalibrgun | Optisan Optics
    Distributors of: Anschutz | Walther | Aeron | Gehman | Rowan Engineering | Robert Lane Regulators
    Retailer of: All of the above.
    NB: Business hours only.
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