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Thread: Query re Blizzard replacement trigger blade

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    Default Query re Blizzard replacement trigger blade

    Good day guys, I'd be grateful if someone with the necessary technical know-how could help me with this one:

    I know that the Blizzard trigger blade is a 'drop-in' replacement trigger kit for Gamo spring air rifles with the later, plastic triggers and trigger housing, ie the Gamo CAT and SAT triggers.

    But will the Blizzard blade work with PCPs that have the Gamo CAT or SAT trigger units, e.g. Gamo Coyote and BSA Buccaneer SE? If so, is it a fairly simple DIY job, or is more difficult, with possibly some machining required?


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    IIRC from a long ago query re the Coyote; the answer was yes but the trigger group required some minor modifications (not specified) to make it work.
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