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    I bought a AA S400 FAC Xtra a couple of years back from one of the forum members (cant remember who though) but any way here is my story.....

    1. the rifle came installed with a LW 5mm Barrel.

    note that all tests were done with 13.7gr JSB Pellets and 190Bar fill pressure

    2. Standard rifle: 60 shots on one fill from 190 bar to 100bar; High of 1016ft/s and a Low of 869ft/s (Blue Line on Chart)
    3. Louis from Airgun warehouse installed a Robert Lane Anti Bounce Hammer Kit. 110 Shots from 190bar to 100bar, High of 952ft/s and Low of 807ft/s, but had a nice 30 shots sweetspot between 150bar and 130bar with a high of 952fts and a low of 935ft/s.(Green Line on Chart).
    4. Then after 2 months Louis fit a Robert Lane Regulator as well and this was the result: 60 Shots with a high of 930ft/s and a low of 913ft/s. (Red Line on Chart)

    The end Result = supper accurate and efficient air Rifle

    Thank you Louis from Airgun Warehouse.

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    That's excellent!
    Can you give a price (ballpark) for the cost of each mod?
    From the graphs, it looks like the anti-bounce doesn't do much once the reg is in. Would be interesting to see the graph with just the reg (I'm not asking for this, just commenting...)
    I assume you can change the reg pressure to deliver desired power?
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    Hammer kit +- R1000, Reg +- R2150. Regarding changing of Reg pressure, a bit challenging in terms of getting the required velocity, which in my case was 920Fts. A small adjustment leads to a to high or to low velocity, but Louis can most probably elabirate more........
    My father in law done only the reg in his AA FAC Xtra in 5.5mm and he gets 40 shots at also 920fts with 15.89gr JSBs from a 200bar fill.
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