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    Got a limoted amount of these on promo, supplier doesn't want to offer more at a lower price. All dimensions below are inner:

    Plastic hard case-
    Single: 121cm x 22.5cm..R600
    Double: 136cm x 29.5cm..R990
    Shotgun/bullpup: 85cm x 29.5cm..R695

    Aluminium hard case-
    Double silver: 120.5cm x 33cm..R1399
    Double camo: 120.5cm x 33cm..R1500

    Here's something new i received: PLUGFONES, connects to your standard jack on your mobile device. Ear pieces has its speakers like normal and there is a pair of foam pugs that slide over the normal earpiece. Now you can cut out excess noise while your music is playing. Price..R499
    Replacement foam plugs..R110(5sets)

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