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Thread: Fine Tuning. What exactly does it mean?

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    Default Fine Tuning. What exactly does it mean?

    Hi guys I'm just getting back into airguns in fact iv saved enough for a SPA PR900W 5.5mm. Now I'm on the hunt would rather support somebody wanting to sell to upgrade their outfit.
    Anyway I'm doing research while I wait and am wanting to know what does fine tuning mean? Is it simply finding the right pellet to suit the barrel and gun or is there more to it? Thanks guys. So awesome to see so many guys enjoying this awesome sport and hobby.
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    Yes and more.

    Barrel and Indexing, hammer spring and weight. Port size, regulator... the tinkering can be incessant. Esp. on a 'cheap' gun.

    Depending on what you want to achieve too.
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    Oom piet on the forum tunes the pr900w nice, suggest sending it to him.
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    To give you an idea, I shot 2 different Evanix rifles over the weekend -
    One was a Blizzard (lightly tinkered with)
    The other a Windy City (Fully worked on by Jacowp)

    Just for interest sake, they are essentially the same rifle, one just has a tube cylinder for an air reservoir and the other buddy bottle. Both close to 24ft/lb 5mm
    But the difference between the two rifles are mind blowing.... In essence there's a massive difference between a "Tuned" rifle and a "Fine Tuned" rifle.
    Tuned just means some of the rough edges has been sorted out, whereby fine tuned means the rifle has been made as near as good as it can be...
    From shot count, consistency, accuracy, noise, smoothness of the cocking lever etc...

    Just my 2cents
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