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Thread: The Best fathers day gift ever!

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    Default The Best fathers day gift ever!

    Thursday evening saw me in pjs ready for bed when my daughter gave me a long brown box.

    “....En die nou?”

    “Wel dis Vadersdag sondag en ek gaan nie hier wees nie so toe dog ek ek sal pappa se geskenk nou vir pappa gee!”

    I took the box from her hands, stood there and opened the cover. I am not ashamed to say I burst into tears...There, in the box, lay a spanking brand new M10 Jackal PCP in all its glory!!! I was past happy, past shock past whatever you may care to mention that influences a father's feelings and emotions. She had saved up her pocket money, scraping here and there – being a full time student at U J ( doing her Master’s degree – so money is scarce around here!!) and had gone and bought me a PCP with a 6liter 300bar bottle plus all the goodies to fill the rifle. In shock and awe and after some time of thanks, hugs and kisses all round I took the M10 to the bedroom, sat on the side of the bed just looking at the rifle. The dogs – all six of them – my sons if you are looking for trouble!! – lay snoozing at my feet. In the box lay a silencer which I had not yet fitted as there was a brass fitting screwed into the barrel to protect the fine threads. As I looked and held the rifle I noticed there was some air in the air chamber / reservoir..

    “Well, well, 150bar... I wonder if that is a lot?”

    In wonderment thought, still contemplating this beautiful gift, I pulled back on the bolt. It slid back a teensy bit. There seemed to be some resistance, so I pulled back some more until I felt and heard a solid satisfying “CLICK”

    “Well, nothing to that, is there?”
    I silently said. I pushed the bolt forward and down noticing immediately how super glide smooth the action was. I glanced up at the bedroom clock and saw that it was already way past bed time. Bets was busy finishing up in the bathroom and Lizaan was packing for the next day at the university. The evening was quiet, everyone relaxed and finishing up the days chores .I for my part, felt super relaxed....

    “Oh shittttt!!!!” , I screamed.
    Dear reader, various events took place, at the same time, in the same space, like right now!!! The strangest was that I saw all, like the all Seeing Eye, heard all and smelled all.The dogs lifted up, I swear, jet propelled into the air by the massive “BOOM” through the quiet of the evening. The closest dog started running, in full throttle four wheel drive while still 600mm above ground level. When he hit the carpet, the carpet took off in a straight line into the opposite wall while the other dogs where spinning on all fours, all noses pointing to the shortest route to the exit – but , alas – there was no grip of any kind whatsoever on those paws at that stage at all. I distinctly remember hearing the clicking of tens of nails scraping the tiles. The smell of all six dogs emptying their bowels simultaneously of pent up Dogmore farts, virtually peeled the paint from the ceiling and walls!!!

    Bets burst out the bathroom, Lizaan slid into the hall on stocking feet. Tell you what, six dogs (whom by now had gained at least 80% use of their paws) heading through the doorway, full blast and coming from the other side a wife and daughter, does NOT result in a pretty sight!!Bets:

    “What de HELL doen jy!!!?”

    Me: “ Ek weet nie...Lizaan:

    ” Jis, pappa wat was dit...?”

    Me: “ Nee, oo donner dis die geweer ......”

    After lots and lots of arm swinging and demonstrating and explaining what I had done, and what I had NOT done, nerves where calmed with a hot cup of Horlicks before bed time.Well, the M10 lay between Bets and I for the first hour where I could look at the stock and stroke the barrel. Later she stood to attention next to my bed where I could lay and look at her in the soft light of the bedside lamp.Man oh man that was the lekkerste van lekker gift ever.You can’t beat that for a father’s day gift!
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    Default The Best fathers day gift ever!

    The best father’s day gift ever – Chapter2
    That was a lesson for sure... Lesson?.. What lesson you may ask for sure....
    Never, never, ever fire your brand new pcp, nans silencer, inside the bedroom, directly over sleeping dogs heads, wife in the bathroom, late at night, just before bedtime... It is utter chaos and the resulting combined Dogmore gas escaping from 7 dog butts, will, in a second, turn your “Ever Fresh” Woolworths bought milk, into sour cream. Like right away!

    The next day was spent half hearted working - half in admiring the M10 Jackal. This was Friday. The weekend lay ahead and was to be savored, you know, like a good Cognac. I could taste the anticipation and one’s imagination runs completely wild and free.

    “Droom jy alweer lekker, Pietman” That’s Bets voice rasping into my daydream. Uuuhmm, yeah, Bets voice for sure. I had to open my eyes.
    “Jy sal nog jou donnerse vingers afsny met daai bandsaag!... let op! Netnou moet ek jou Olivedale clinic toe jaag en dan sal daai jong dokterjie nog meer lag as nou die aand toe jy jou tande getrek het..!”

    (That’s another completely different, however, true story. Me pulling my teeth, 3 o’clock at night, in the workshop, using the same pliers that remove barb hooks from a Shad’s mouth... )

    Saturday rolls around and I fit two scopes to two air rifles. Bets LGV and a GS1250 Nitro Piston chinese mongrel monster. I grabbed a 8meter roll up tape and Bets helped me measure out 30meters over the paving onto the grass, past the windmill and up to a wooden swing bench which doubles very well as a backstop. The final demise of any escaping the bulls eye or due to poor aiming is a 8 foot pre-cast concrete wall behind the wooden swing. I should mention that the swing is made of 150mm thick pine logs so.....

    “Jy is nie dalk lus om die teiken in Kairo te sit nie? Lekker optimisties ne – nou ja, Pietman.. “.
    “Ek sal nie so ver skiet met die LGV nie!” said Bets. “Ag nee man, dis nie so ver nie! Mens sou sweer ek kan nie bietjie skiet nie onthou ek skiet al van std 3 af en....”. “ Jaaaa, jaaaa het al die storie moeg geluister..!”.

    So, I set out 25 meters and plonked in a wooden framed target holder, specialy for Bets. “Is jy nou tevrede?” “Ja baie makliker maar ons sal maar sien” “Ok, ek kry solank die opvou tafel en kry jy daai koring sakkies wat ons die gewere op kan rus, jy weet – lekker slapgat soos ons die ouens al geloer het”.

    Shortly the table was setup. “Checklist – ok, pellets, various weights?”. “Yes”. “Aag bogger die res – kom ons skiet!!”. “Ok!”
    Suffuce to say that Bets put close to 1000 pellets down range and I filled the Jackal 22 times at 40 shots per fill. Not bad for a Saturdays practice. We tried virtually every style of holding an air rifle, bteathing techniqes and then some. I doubt if the Kama Sutra of love could cope...

    In the end Adriaans THE ART OF SHOOTING A SPRINGER saved the day. Good reading, excellent advice – if only one can remember to apply the technicques discussed to every shot, but, alas, my head is like a sand sieve... only the 80 grit pebbles get through.

    Using H@N 21.14 gr 5.5 pellets at starting pressure of 200bar the chronie read 967.3 – 963.3 – 964.1 – 963.5 – 967.6 – 965.6 – 965.0 – 965.0 – 965.9 – 960.9
    10shots. Ending pressure = 180bar

    Next JSB 18.13gr 5.5 pellets starting pressure = 200 bar = 989.1 – 996.7 – 984.7 – 995 – 999.4 – 1001 – 1008 – 1002 – 998.5 – 996.7.
    10shots ending pressure 180bar.

    Wow, that Jackal moves lead like nothing else I previously owned or own presently!! I did not test Bets LGV – still have to do that. I did do some shooting at 50 meters and the grouping is less than 15mm as wittnessed by Kuberboef on Thursday evening.

    I redid Kuberboefs air rifle stock. The process is. Sand 220 grit about 6 sheets. Then sand 320 grit about 4 sheets. Sand 600grit about 4 sheets. Then 3 coats of 2k paint brushed on without the thinning agent. Wait 24 hours between coats. Sand coats with 320 grit 4 sheets. Spray paint 2k sand with 600 grit then spray paint 2k sand with 1200 grit then spray paint then sand with 2000grit and final spray paint makes the stock look like glass – like looking at a candy apple gloss coated Harley Davidson fuel tank.

    Grouping at 30 meters about 12mm 10 shots

    Lots of work it is for sure ,but worth it to have that super gloss finish. Worthless for PC... however...
    I did take the Jackal to Kevin who fitted a excellent silencer and a 10 shot magazine. So, I can now fire 10 shots in about 30 seconds – Hitting zilchs, of course, but it sure sooths my ego to no extent. I do cut the pellet holder gear and pellet holder housing for Kevin and he assembles them. If you need a magazine then contact him for excellent service. Between Adriaan, Cor, Kevin and Vince (in alphabetical order if it pleases the gnat posters and nitpickers) I have only had joy and pleasure and value for money.
    The Jackal on the table with the silencer and magazine and Swanoptics next to it.
    That’s all folks – but wait, there is more stories coming soon as soon as I find the time to sit my butt down and write.
    Kind regards to all,
    Piet de Necker
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    Thank you a fantastic story, if only there was a camera to catch all the action, I don't think Hollywood could have scripted it better
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    What a storyteller!
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