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From left to right: Solid selected beech for uniformity – beautiful in all its shining glory. Sturdy, solid, heavy and very well balanced by design the stock is finished in 4 coats of top quality imported 2k. Three laminations ensures durability and stability over time.

Next a combo of Tiger eye mahogany – very, scarce and hand selected for its lustrous reflection of light - and shadow, combined with euro Beech (aircraft grade) to produce an exceptional stock that really stands out in a crowd - a show piece of flowing lines combined with practical design. Sorry this stock was snatched up long before it was cut.(6 more on order so if you want one.....)Third is a dark stained Mahogany lovingly treated with Danish oil (8 times so far with sanding with 0000 steel wool in between applications) The result is a silky smooth finish that excites ones hands when feeling it up...An eye pleasing effect and handsome on any LGV. Three laminations ensures durability and stability over timeNumber 4 is the grandest of them all. Solid tigers eye Mahogany selected by hand after sifting through stacks and stacks of wood. This stock was lovingly and very carefully carved to expose maximum reflection and light bending by the excellent wood grain. Finished in Danish oil (Tung oil and sanded with 0000 steel wool in between applications as well) This is an absolute stunning stock.Five - a real five star stock – old faithful. True English walnut in all its splendid glory, strong, resilient with a dark brown gleam streaking across the twisted wood structure exposing the age of the wood itself. A must see . Treated throughout with tung oil and lovingly rubbed to a silky smooth finish, This is the stock to have.Last but not least Bets’ LGV with 48 laminations of Beech wood stock. Heavy and perfectly balanced to 50mm in front of the trigger. This LGV has NOT been tuned – the stock keeps this wild rifle in restraints with the result that the shots are well placed and the rifle behaves itself. Imagine the effect after Vince - MZE – has added the magic touch. This LGV has a grand, sturdy and solid feel which would put any other top quality stock to shame.In the pipeline are 25 more stocks for the top 10 air guns and pistols available in various woods chosen by hand for perfection or imperfections (in the case of Walnut)All materials are available from Country woods in Marlboro. So, there you go . If you have any specialized design or request let me know as this is a lekka hobby for us and a great relief from the tediousness of manufacturing propellers and if you want to do it yourself I’ll help you to our fullest extent with experience and knowledge. After all I have a collection of 15 rifles from 1963 and have designed and made my own stocks for the past 35 years so I have experience a plenty.