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Thread: Scope recommendations for the SPA GS1250

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    Default Scope recommendations for the SPA GS1250

    Good day Ladies and Gents

    I've come across a small yet costly snag in my hunt for a scope in the last 3 months.... My Grand Slam kills scopes quicker than they can be replaced. What is the general consensus regarding a rugged scope? I've been looking at the Leapers UTG style scopes with the True Strength, but is there anyone with experience that can tell me whether or not they're up to the task?

    I've been told the Hawke Airmax is a very good option, but when taking a look on their site they even state in big bold lettering that it isn't recommended for a rifle shooting more that 12ft.lbs.

    Any info on the matter would be appreciated. Bearing in mind that I'm not prepared to bolt on a R4000+ scope to a rifle that cost me less than half that in the first place.

    Thanks in advance guys
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    Welcome to the forum TT.

    In my opinion you are wasting your time trying to find a 'scope that will last on your GS1250 if you keep it at the standard power level.

    Shoot this rifle with open sights , it will give you less frustration and the expense of replacing 'scopes on a regular basis.

    I have a 5.5mm GS1250 , and only use it with open sights and pellets that are 16 grains and heavier in weight.

    This rifle is difficult to shoot accurately , but it certainly gives lots of satisfaction when you get it right , it is usually the shooter and not the rifle's fault when you miss the target .

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    Thanks for the blunt truth Juniper.

    I've been toying with the idea of open sights and the GS shoots 100m with ease. The grouping is to be desired, but then again that fibre optic tip does cover a large area at that distance. I wanted something that was a happy medium for HFT shoots so a single magnification (4x32 or 4x40) scope made sense for its durability.

    Looks like a budget .177 is on the cards then...
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