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    I'm in the market for a new scope. I've stumbled across this brand at and at the price, it looks like a very nice scope indeed. Anybody who has one is more than welcome to chime in and let us all know what they like. Ive searched around the WWW and have not found much in terms of reviews but I did find that they are fitted with extra-low dispersion glass(ED) as standard. So I think I'll give the VT-T 4.5-18x44 SFVF a go. Its a FFP scope and at this price, once again, I think it's worth a closer look. I was sceptical about the marcool brand, and they where actually brilliant scopes for the money.

    So when I get the scope, and I've tried it out, I'll give a full review on it. Wish me luck!!

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    The Discovery scopes are absolutely brilliant.
    I have the 6-24 FFP's and cannot fault them, the clarity is a little better than the Marcool if you ask me.

    Looking forward to your write up.
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    Well I received my scope. First off I'm highly impressed with it. Unfortunately I had to send mine back because there was a bit of dirt in one of the internal lenses. This is not to say the quality control was bad and the manufacturer was not up to spec either. In the industry I work in, I know this can happen from time to time, so no issues there at all!! What I did find in the short time I had it was that there is only about 2.5 full rotations on the elevation turret and about 4.5 for windage in total, With 60 milliradians per revolution(6 radians/mildots). This gives about 15 mildots on elevation and about 27 on windage. This is the least I have ever seen on any scope, but you know what, it's more than enough! The zero stop feature works a treat and comes to a dead stop. You can adjust this to where ever you like. Now for the best part!! The clarity and sight picture is absolutely outstanding. I did read it was ED glass on one web review, but was sceptical. I'm pretty sure this is ED glass. If you can remember how I raved about the Marcools clarity, well this beats it hands down! I have a hawke airmax 30sf as well and it pales in comparison. I have not gotten a chance to run out the zero and return it to see if it comes back to zero correctly yet, but that will be the first thing I'll do when the replacement arrives, I'm pretty damn sure it will not disappoint. Do I recomend this product? Hell yes, for the money you won't find better. It's right up there in clarity with the hawke frontier series.

    So till the replacement arrives, you'll just have to wait for the rest.

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