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Thread: Bedding a HW97

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    Default Bedding a HW97

    My HW97k action contacts the stock for the full lenght of the bed on the onse side, with very little contact on the other.

    Please share your wisdom about stock inlay and bedding of springers - HW97 in particular.
    Where should action contact stock?

    Given the loose yoke bracket for the front screws, how should the action be constrained from fore and aft, and sideway movements?

    Trying to avoid a messy and cumbersome glass bedding job, Is there a simple method? Like thin strips of tape, or Pratley Putty?
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    I bedded my HW97K. Tape and other kak does not do the job, and only makes dismantling the gun a mission.

    I ensured contact all along the length of the inletting. Rough up the action seat with a blade too by scoring the wood. Degrease the wood too.

    If you are patient, the resulting feel of the rifle is well worth it.

    Bedding your Action Part 2 ~ Air Rifle SA Forums
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