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    Below specials are for NOVEMBER ONLY. I will update lists as stock arrives/gets sold. If stock is out, i will order again to replenish.
    P.S. these are not normal retail prices and is once off specials ONLY FOR FORUM MEMBERS. Store price will remain normal retail. Some pellets i cannot advertise openly the price, feel free to call me AA...if u need pellets and call please reference this ad
    Specials expire 30Nov:

    Field target trophy 4.5mm/500 R130
    Rabbit magnum 5.5mm/200 R185
    Baracuda 5.5mm/200 R115
    Baracuda 5.0mm/250 R135

    Exact 8.44/500 R145
    Exact 10.34/500 R165
    Exact monster 13.43/400 R165
    Exact 7.87/500 R165
    Exact 18.13/250 R115

    Field target 8.64/500 R102

    8.4gr/500 call me
    10.3gr/500 call me
    16gr/500 call me
    18gr/250 call me

    8.4gr 4.52 exact R160/500
    10.3gr ultra shock 4.52 R130/350
    15.89 5.52 jumbo R90/250
    18.13gr 5.52 jumbo heavy R110/250
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