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Hi SunnyZhang take a ride out to North Cliff Shooting Range(CNR FIR and Pendoring Blackheath) on Sunday afternoon and talk to the members. PM Greg to see if he can be there with his M10 Jackal. I will ask Mark Fairon to take his Krieket along for you to try out. You have been given some very good advice and now you need to put to the test what you really want the rifle for. A PCP of R11K needs a hand pump which could set you back +/- R2500 or a dive tank 300 bar between 3-4K. Your choice of rifle depends on what you would really like it for. The guys at North Cliff will give you a chance to shoot their rifles and you can ask them all the questions you like.

Kind Regards
Thanks Mike. I won't be able to make it unfortunately because I am still busy with finals at the moment and I have an exam on Monday.