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Thread: Intro & ELEY Pellets

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    Default Intro & ELEY Pellets

    Evening - just a quick introduction:

    • I have been involved in competitive air rifle/pistol shooting for the last 6 years
    • mainly because of my daughter`s involvement in the sport - ISSF 10m Rifle & Pistol
    • I have been shooting myself for the past 2 years.

    That bring to to my reason for becoming a member - I need information.

    • Is there somebody using the new ELEY Ventus Pellets?
    • We are currently using the RWS R10 Match pellets but would like to 'sample' the Eley`s.

    Feedback will be appreciated.
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    Prof. Jan Itor

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    National Cartidge are the agents for Eley in ZA, I have not seen them stock the new pellets yet.

    Suburban Guns | National Cartridge Company
    Forum name:
    Contact/s: John
    Address: 119 Main Road Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801
    Phone/s: +27217978787
    Website: Suburban Guns
    Services: Gunsmiths
    Agents for: Hawke Optics | Cometa Air Rifles | Eley
    Distributors of:
    Retailer of: Hawke Optics | Cometa | Webley | Hatsan | Eley
    NB: Business hours only.
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    I think its only the eley bullets they bring in
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