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Thread: Target SA - Resetting Spinner Target Review

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    Default Target SA - Resetting Spinner Target Review

    We have a set of resetting spinner targets at our club and I have wanted to add one to my targets.

    The target is heavily constructed with the outer frame being 11 mm steel rod and all other frame parts from 9mm steel rod
    The hanging spinners are of 5 mm steel with 40 mm in diameter disks.
    The frame measures 370 H by 345 W.

    The angle of the front support legs is set so that the spinner disks flip over and are held by their support/reset bar..

    I set the target out at 18 m on a flat plastic wood base. The manufacturer recommends a 800 + fps air rifle for this target.
    So taking my Walther Century and using JSB 10.3 gn pellets it easily spun the disks up onto the support bar.
    I did find that going in order L to R when I spun up the last disk it released some of the disks from the support bar.
    However by playing around with the order of shooting I found I could get all disks up onto the support bar.

    Now I have an AR2079B Target CO2 air rifle that runs 9.2 ft/lbs using JSB 8.44 gn pellets so I wondered if this would do the job.
    The temp was a bit low at 23C but I thought I would give it a go.
    The first disk I shot did not spin enough to reach the support bar so taking my JSB 10.34 gn pellets and seeing that the CO2 was running
    810 psi I thought the heavier pellets would do the job.

    Sure enough they spun the disks up with ease and you could shoot them in order L to R and they stayed up. Shoot the top release bar disk
    and they all drop down neatly.

    So to sum up I think a 10 ft/lb air rifle at 15/20 m should work. ( temp 27C today so checked ME using JSB 10.34 av 9.8 ft/lbs )
    The Resetting Spinner Target is a sturdy well made item and works well and is very reasonably priced.
    You can add price marker stickers size of your choice to the disks to make it more fun at close ranges 15/20 m ( I used 19mm stickers)
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    I am actually thinking of getting one of these.

    Could you do a test for this at 30 meters with 4,5mm 11 foot-pound -> (8,4gn shooting at about 770fps)
    Let us know if it works please.
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    This is a very nice design. Thanks for sharing
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    I have one of these, bought from rashaadk, and with a cz200s 16j / 12 ft-lb at 30 m, JSB exact .177 heavy's will flip them if your placement is good, but with the normal 8.44g you will struggle a bit.
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