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    Hi all,

    I'm looking at purchasing a air rifle. I'm fairly new to the sport, though I have shot in the past, but never owned a proper air rifle myself. I'm looking for something that is well made, good quality and accurate which delivers a fair punch and it needs to be fairly silent as I intend to also shoot pest around the house, mainly EAIs.

    Average distance I would be shooting at home will be probably be about 20m.

    Initially I was looking for a air pistol which will be able to take care of the EAIs, however friends have advised me to rather look at purchasing a rifle. I do have a love for shooting, and would like to explore this a bit more as a hobby also, and I would like to start going to the range for the occasional target practice and skill improvement.

    What would your recommendations be:
    1. Have I tossed out the pistol idea to early, if so what should I be looking at? (this would then be for the PC only option)
    2. I have set a provisional budget of R5000, as I have seen some second hand rifles being advertised in this price range, is this sufficient to start off with?
    3. I envisioned purchasing a .177 rather than a 5.5mm, do you agree?
    4. What velocity is good for long range accuracy (i.e 50m)?
    5. What rifles would you recommend within this price range, and is the budget sufficient for a second hand rifle?
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    Buy one of those spa pp700 pistols
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    Weihrauch hw50s. There is one here complete with scope and silencer for R5500.
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    Hi and welcome to the airgun addiction. My opinion is to try out a few rifles, most of the advice I saw on the forum was to first test drive a few rifles and then ( after being bitten by the bug) decide on what and how, etc.

    My son and I started out with a Gamo Cfx and now have quite a few rifles and pistols.

    We also do some PC and being in Bloemfontein we get a lot of opportunities to do what we love most.

    There are so many gurus on this forum that will give you the best advice.

    Just remember to have fun.
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    I would suggest you look at a rifle for first buy as it gives you a wider field of use.
    Take your time to check the options out. Patience is a virtue but do your homework and be ready to buy when a good offer appears.
    .177 is a good choice as there is a miriad of pellet types, brands and weight available to find the best for your rifle.
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