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Thread: A few restored British classics.

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    Default A few restored British classics.

    Every air rifle I receive to be restored has a history, or at least, a story behind it. Many air rifle owners share their air rifles' history with me; all of them interesting. It is actually amazing how much air rifles have been part of people's lives.

    Obviously, the conditions of the air rifles Ireceive vary. Most air rifles I receive for restoration are well cared for and worth the effort. Some air rifles are uneconomical to restore, but because of the sentimental value the owners attach to them,they get restored. Unfortunately, mostly because of blatant abuse, others are only suitable for recycling.

    A word of caution I wish to make to air rifle owners who plan to sell their restored air rifles afterwards, is to keep in mind that the money paid for the restoration would not necessarily be recouped in the sale. In my view, if an air rifle owner wishes to have his / her air rifle restored, the motive should be for the enjoyment of keeping the air rifle. A restored air rifle should not be seen as a financial investment. Maybe some air rifle owners have made a bit of money from their restored air rifles in the past, but I would urge anyone not to bargain on it.

    Amongst all the air rifle restorations I performed, I had the pleasure and honour of restoring these three British classics. I see them as works of art, but functional as well. Perhaps other people on this forum can also see the reason why such, quite old, pieces of steel, consisting of many mechanical components, attached to carefully formed pieces of wood, can give someone joy, even if it is to only look at. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for British air rifles.

    BSA Lincoln Jeffries
    BSA Lincoln Jeffries.

    Webley Mk3
    Webley Mk3.

    BSA Airsporter Mk.1
    BSA Airsporter Mk.1
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    Lovely work and excellent advice.

    You are certainly not alone in your love for old classic air rifles , the fit , finish and engineering on these classics is very seldom equaled today.

    Very few modern air rifles will last as long.

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    REP: Air Rifle Services

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    Andre does some of the best restorations I've had the privilege to see, the Lincon Jefferies was done for one of my clients and he is over the moon with it
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    Very beautiful specimens. And well done. They look great.
    There are many "old gun" lovers here. I've just serviced a Gecado 25 for a friend. It was mechanically OK, but needed a new spring and the barrel and tube were rusted badly.
    I'll put up some pics on a new thread...
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