Month ago I bought my nice Gamo CFR Whisper IGT and also i perform few tunnings cause that weapon can shoot better then it come as stock. I read alot of Gamo guns and the thing which you need replace after buy gamo ariguns is replace all selas and O rings cause they is abolulutly destroyed and piston seal R.i.P. Example on my one was o ring on breech was disrupted.

So now talk about main think what I to ask. My gun have Gamo SAT trigger and have preety heavy trigger and long tirgger pull and i dont like it. I read about tuna GRT-4 is nice replacemend but on this forum I found Nyca Blizzard Blade mk1.Actualy in my googling i just found that 2 replacements and price for GRT-4 is so big (and that collor .. omg yellow). Also I see some Gamo guns have gamo CAT trigger and what I see on schematic is close same as Mk1 or grt-4 trigger but I cant found any website or shop where I can buy tirggers exept grt-4.

Do anybody have any experience with replacement for triggers on Gamo airguns and which one is better or know any good tunning on trigger system?

Thanks for answer