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Thread: Weihrauch HW80K - The Legend reviewed

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    Default Weihrauch HW80K - The Legend reviewed

    We have Dr Robert Beeman to thank for putting forward his ideas on the possibility of
    marketing in the USA of a magnum powered air rifle to Hans Weihrauch. It was agreed that the new
    air rifle would be sold in the USA as the Beeman R1 with a more upmarket wood stock and no sights.
    The European and rest of the world version was to be the Weihrauch HW80..

    It was one of the most powerful break barrel spring air rifles available with 5.5mm (.22) versions
    getting up to 23 ft/lbs ME with heavy pellets.

    Weihrauch HW80K

    The latest version has a well grained beech stock with the fore-end well rounded for a comfortable grip,
    a cheek piece for right handed shooters and good deep checkering on the pistol grip.
    The bluing is nice and deep on the barrel and receiver. The stock is smoothly finished with some
    uneven dying on leading edges ie lower part of cheek piece and around the trigger guard cut out.
    The rifle is very solidly constructed with a large barrel/breech block and a heavy 5mm solid steel
    cocking arm linkage and has a large diameter compression cylinder.

    I chose the carbine shorter barrel version as the balance suited me better. I can stand amd shoot this rifle
    despite its weight of 3.9 Kg without a scope. I was pleased to find that the carbine version came with open sights.
    I have done quite a lot of 10m shooting with the open sights and they are very good.
    I was able to get 5 shot groups that could be easily covered by a ten cent piece or smaller.

    The rifle even with its short barrel is easy to cock once you have managed to break the very stiff
    barrel lockup which required a sharp tap with an open hand. The cocking stroke is smooth and the barrel lockup
    is very solid, the firing cycle is short and sharp with quite a bit of recoil which is damped by the heavy weight of the rifle.

    The 5.1mm JSB Exact 13.73 gn pellets load snuggly into the breech.
    Running them through the Shooting Chrony produced the following :
    Average velocity 721 ft/sec, ES 14.0 , SD 6.08 and a ME of 15.85 ft/lbs so close to 16 ft /lbs
    In fact I weighed a batch of the JSB 5.1mm pellets and they averaged 13.94 gn so using this ME of 16.08 ft/lbs
    I had some H&N FTT 11.42 gn pellets they produced the following figures :
    Average Velocity 811 ft/sec , ES 4.95, SD 2.23, ME 16.7 ft/lbs
    However they were a very loose fit in the breech and I would not use them for field use in case they fell out
    when closing the barrel.

    I did find that after about 50 to 100 pellets the trigger guard and stock screws started to work loose
    as the action began to bed in with the wooden stock, this is common with most higher power spring air rifles.
    I did not find the HW80K hold sensitive as long as you follow through well and hold the rifle lightly.

    Accuracy testing
    As with all Weihrauch air rifles fitted with the Rekord trigger the crisp and consistent trigger release aids accurate shooting.
    The best 5 shot groups that I can get at the moment are 18mm in diameter at a distance of 18m using a Tasco 3-9 ^ 32 scope'
    This should improve once the action has been run in some more as I can get four pellets into a 12mm group.

    In Summary
    There are a large number of magnum spring air rifles that produce more power than the Weihrauch HW80K.
    So is it still "The Legend " I think so as no other spring air rifle that i have looked at offers quite the same
    combination of balance and easy cocking, fine trigger, accuracy with usable power and excellent all metal open
    sights that make it a great field air rifle. Due to its weight a sling is recommended for field use,
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    Very good review.
    I really love these Weihrauch rifles as well. Quality and accuracy are tops
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    I am also the proud owner of an HW80 in 5.5mm. I shot with it again yesterday after about a year since I last used it and it is still an amazing rifle. Ave 693fps with jsb 15.89gr. ES 5fps. SD 1fps. And this is an out of the box stock standard rife.

    The "Legend" is still legendary
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    Hi All.

    Very nice rifle indeed. Recently acquired one without stock. Got Stock from another member, very accurate!

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    I love mine, it is a true legend as you say.
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