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    Default Kral Np-01

    Fair condition. No scratches o n plastic body or barrel.ylinder has some colour fade from cleaning it with q20 but its titanium and not steel like the other kraal guns. Bought from safari and outdoor in october. Still have invoice.

    Includes rhe standard bits that come with but tis one never came with silencer as they had no stock so they gave me a bipod for it. UnregulTed it gives about 26 to 30 shots at 17lb 700fps or 24 shots at 26lb at 840 fps with jsb 15.9 gr. Lowert it will go is 600 fps as the oower wheel has been drilled to match the ports on the breach. Hammer spring had 2 coils removed as i could not get it to shood lower than 800 fps otherwise.

    cary case
    Calibre is 5.5mm NOTE he barrel is choked and very accurate so it was a nice surprise. Had the barel cap also to protect crown.
    Scope -red dot (never used it)
    fill probe
    Spaner hex
    single load tray
    2 mags

    KRAL REGULATOR (usable with any kral version) set at 110bar. Gives me 24 consistent shots wih 5fps spread. Not installed curently as i took it out. Pistol base valve housing has been turned down on a lahe 2mm to allow a direct drop in fit for regulator instead of the complicated method per factory. This way you can also fit a Huma-air reg as a drop in, or a modified P12 regulator. Tried all these and all work well.

    Box of CP 14.3 ultra mag pellets. Jsb are far more accurate but these hit way harder than jsb.

    Spirit level mount for s ope rail.

    The np01 never came with a barrel band from the factory so i had someone make me one out of aluminium which has securing grub screws in it. They also made me a vesconite spacer which fil,s the gap if the barrel band is not used. Looks neat and discrete. Both included in he deal.

    Want R4200
    adelin 082four194204

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    What i also do for an afternoon of shooting is use the contraption in the picture. Its a 800cc tank wich is regulated to 100 bar and conected to my np01 via a cable. I am happy to sell the bottle which is about a month ols and bouht from Rashaad (he can verify) and which was then reset to 100b as the stock ones are only 800 psi or 50 bar. I have 2 of them so happy to let one go and include a cable too. All you need is the valve top as the fill probe comes wih the rifle. This is why the kral teg is not installed. I used it as a bench gun for aprox 500 shots from one bottle at 12 lb. It gets boring and its accurate.

    Bottle with regulator and cable (shorter one in the pic rated for 700 bat and made in germany) R620

    - - - Updated - - -

    Or 4600 for all above as a xmass

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