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Thread: TX200 REPAIR

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    Default TX200 REPAIR

    Since purchasing the gun on the forum in 2014, I have never been happy with the performance, I replaced the main seal, the breech seals, tried short stroking with a LGV/LGU piston without success.

    The best thing I ever did with the TX200 was to put itís mainspring in my LGU!

    I decided to replace the original piston, stripped the gun down and did a complete re-lube, even treated it to a full pull throughs to clean the barrel.

    All reassembled and whilst cocking it for the second test shot noticed black gunk covering the compression tube.

    I had washed the comp tube out with parrafin and dried it with paper towel, the flipping thing must be leaking!!!

    Could that have been the problem with this rifle all along?

    Gunky comp tube

    Comp tube transfer port plug leaking

    Hier's K@k!

    Dodgy design and damaged o-ring

    O-ring groove damaged by plug bottoming in thread

    Bigger section o-ring in different place

    Reassembled comp tube and new breech seals for good measure

    Chrony string after repair, improved accuracy but MV way below what it should be, new spring on order!
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    Get a vortek kit for it, springs are much better than the factory ones.
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