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Thread: Weihrauch piston seals and springs

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    Default Weihrauch piston seals and springs

    I managed to get hold of a few of these piston seals and springs. Constant supply, im not 100% sure yet but i will try.
    According to weihrauch this is how it was listed in their shipped packages.

    There is 2 types of 25mm pistons and 1 type 30mm piston.
    25mm smooth (hw30/70/50/77/97)
    25mm with lip (hw50/77/57/85/95/98)
    30mm with lip (hw35/80/90)
    All piston seals cost R250

    Springs instock is:
    30coil hw50/99 marked as 7.5j R250
    34coil hw77/97 marked as 7.5j R335
    I haven't brought to the store but also can be available in 1 day, or will be instock later this week.
    Hw30 spring marked as 7.5j R250
    Hw80 spring marked as 7.5j R335
    Hw95/98 spring no markings R335

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