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    I want to buy a hard case that can fly for my LG300. With scope on it I need about 1230mm x 360mm

    I have my eye on the following to SKB models 3i-5014-DR and 2SKB-5014.

    This will be a big expense, almost enough for a scope .

    Any advice? Which of the two models will you go for? Any other cases to look at?

    What is important when looking at a case to fly with?
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    I don't know SKB at all but I know a couple of people have traveled with theirs and they have had no worries.
    Ensure that your case can lock and has a pressure valve in it.

    I have a Pelican case and I have no issues with it.
    I would strongly recommend Pelican or Storm (as of late Pelican storm). They have the best clips and really keep your things safe. That said, nothing can withstand what airline officials all over the world do to your case. From literally throwing it out of the plane to packing it right at the bottom for the entire trip,

    Do keep in mind car travel. It's all well to say you will only use it when flying but you still need a car to get to the airport and on the otherside. Rental companies do not always have the car they promised and if you're case is so big it might not fit most alternative cars. That's probably for me the biggest criteria on buying a case.
    For example, the Storm IM3300 is really just too big to fit in most cars where as the IM3200 is perfect.

    Also very regularly your gun case forms part of your 23kg allowance. If your case is too big you might end up packing too much in it. Keep an eye on the For Sale section. Sometimes second hand cases come up at really good prices because they are insane expensive.

    Just my personal thoughts based on experiance.
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    Good advice Mini.
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